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Game Vs. Falcons: Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Statement: "I want to give a tribute to the players and the coaches. They did a nice job with putting the game together. The fourth down play at the end of the half carried over a little momentum in our favor into the second half. My hat is off to Mike Smith. He has done a nice job with the injuries he has. Right now, at this time of the year, it's tough when you lose a number of players in key positions like he has. All in all, I'm proud of our guys. I'm proud of Michael for going in and doing the things he did and being able to maintain composure with all the emotions."

Q: What is the update on Jason Peters? A: "We've got to look at it. He went to cut somebody and he fell and hit his shoulder and his head. He bugged me the whole game to go back in. I don't think it was too bad."

Q: Can you talk about special teams and the tone that you set with the punt return that forced the fumble? A: "The turnovers ended up being points, and we were fortunate to have that. Our special teams played very well. We had a nice game plan and I thought the guys executed well. It was good all the way around."

Q: How do you feel about the play of the defensive backs? A: "They did a good job. They were swarming around the ball and they played physical. We had some young aggressive mistakes in there that we have to take care of, but I would rather have aggressive than non-aggressive. We just need to take care of the penalties. All in all I was pleased. It was nice to see Sheldon Brown get the score. He has been so close on a couple of these the last couple weeks so for him to take it and go, it was a beautiful thing."

Q: How committed was the team to making this a special day and a special experience? A: "I think everybody felt it. I think everybody rallied around Mike [Vick] and he was one of the captains. I know Arthur Blank welcomed him back. My hat is off to him for that. That's a tribute to him and his organization. Our fans were incredible. I can't believe they show up like they do and in the numbers that they do. The fans in general, calling Michael's name out, I give my hat off to them for giving him a second chance."

Q: Did the cheering sway your decision as to when to put Michael Vick in? A: "It didn't sway me, no, not too much. It didn't hurt."

Q: What did you tell Mike about how to handle emotions? A: "I told him just to play the game. If you have the opportunity, then take advantage of it. That is easy to say from my seat, but I'm sure he had a little extra juice going. "

Q: You gave Leonard Weaver the ball a few times in the first half. Can you talk about his performance? A: "Well, he is running hard and seeing things well. He gets to the hole and gets through the hole. I think it's a nice combination between him and LeSean McCoy. Luckily, it gives us a chance to see the things out of him that we have been seeing lately. We have three guys we feel can go in and play."

Q: Did you expect to get that much out of Leonard Weaver? A:"Well, I mentioned before that when we brought him here, one of the things we thought he did very well was run the football. We knew what we were getting. We are just rotating a lot of guys in there, so he didn't have quite as many carries as we should have given him."

Q: How do you feel about Donovan McNabb's passing game? A: "I thought he did a nice job. Jeremy Maclin had a good day. Jason Avant and Reggie Brown did as well. Then our little guy got in, he looks like he is twelve years old, but he played his heart out. Everybody did alright. Our receivers really stepped it up."

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