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RB Brian Westbrook

On how he felt after Sunday's game: "I felt pretty good. I felt pretty good coming out of the game."

On what he was thinking and feeling going into the game: "I was ready to go through out the week. (I was) just preparing for the game, no matter how many plays I was going to get. I was just trying to prepare and be ready for whatever situation I was put in."

On whether he feels more ready for a postseason this year: "I'm just ready to play. I'm glad that our team has been able to play so well in my absence, but I'm just ready to play. It's definitely always a little bit more important because it's the playoffs."

On whether he thinks his workload will increase this week: "I'm not sure. I haven't talk to coach about it, at this point. He hasn't made it 100-percent clear to me about what is going to go on, as far as the playing time and things like that. For me, whether I play 10 plays or I play 30 plays I'm going to continue to get better and continue to sharper in my play."

On whether the layoff has helped him rest his body: "It gives you a chance to rest up a little bit. I think because I missed a lot of the off season and I missed training camp rehabbing, some part of my body wasn't all the way up to par, where I wanted it to be when I came back, because I didn't have the opportunity to workout the way I usually do in the off season. I don't think that time off really helped in that manner, because I didn't get a chance to workout as much as I wanted to either, but my body is a lot more fresh going into the last game of the season then it has been in the past."

On coming full circle back into a three running back set: "I haven't thought about it, but that's true. Back in, what was it '03 or '04, whatever it was. Me, (RB) Duce (Staley) and (RB Correll Buckhalter), we had an opportunity to split a lot of carries and we had a lot of success as well. Hopefully, this season we'll have more success than we had that season and be able to get to the Super Bowl and win it."

On whether playoff runs become more special as he gets later in his career: "Every game is special to you. You want to play every game like it's your last. Every game has been special to me. I think I cherish every moment that I'm with these guys more because of the situations that have happened to me in the past, the injuries and all those types of things."

On why the offense has been so productive with so many young players: "I think we have a good group of core guys. It's important that our quarterback is accurate and very good, which (QB) Donovan (McNabb) has been, and you put these young guys in places to have success. You throw (WR) DeSean (Jackson) the routes that he's good at, throwing the ball to and good at running. (You do) the same thing with (WR) Jeremy (Maclin), same thing with the younger guys, same thing with (RB) LeSean (McCoy). You're not giving them the whole plate if they can't handle it. You're giving them the opportunity to understand the plays that they are in and to go out there and perfect those plays. These young guys have done a great job of doing that."

On getting hit in the red zone by Broncos S Brian Dawkins: "I wasn't really surprised that he did it. I've seen him do it so many times here and I've seen it on tape as well. I don't know if he hit me with his helmet or his shoulder pads, whatever it was, it was good to take a hit on the helmet, take a hit on the head and know that I'll be fine."

On how big this week's game against the Cowboys is: "It's huge. Of course we are both still going to make it to the playoffs, but home-field advantage means a whole lot to this football team. Of course, our ultimate goal is to get to the Super Bowl and win it. I think if we play in front of our home field, in front of our home fans and make other teams come here, that's definitely an asset for us."

On how the rest of his body feels: "I feel pretty good. I don't have any outstanding injuries, or anything that reoccurred that made me worry about it at all. I feel pretty good with the work that I got."

On how his ankle feels: "It doesn't feel any different than it did before. It's not painful or anything like that. It just continues to get stronger as the weeks go on."

On finding a balance between easing off with indoor practice and still trying to get into shape: "It's a balancing act. (Head) coach (Andy) Reid does a great job of putting in some plays that he wants to see me do as well as give me some rest on that turf in there because he knows how it is on my body. Coach Reid, (offensive coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg) and the trainers have all done a great job of giving me the opportunity to get back in shape and get back into the swing of things, as well as not pounding me too much on that turf."

On losing C Jamaal Jackson for the rest of the season: "Jamaal is the coordinator of the offensive line. He gets us into the right positions, so many times with offensive linemen and the running backs in the blocking schemes. (Offensive line coach) Juan (Castillo) has done a great job with all of his offensive linemen being interchangeable and he's done a great job with (C/G) Nick (Cole) as well. I don't expect too much to really fall off with Nick coming in there, but anytime that you have a guy that has been there as long as Jamaal has with out missing any snaps and things like that, guys get used to it. There will be some difference, but that's what you have practice for and that what you have meetings for. Nick will do a great job while he's in there."

On the team's confidence in McNabb going into games like this one: "It's great to have Donovan there. He's a guy that we know is going to come up big in the big situations, just like he did this past game with that scramble. Anytime that you have a guy like that on your side, you know that you have a chance to win the football game and if he has the opportunity he will do everything he can to help you win that football game. Of course he's our leader. He's a guy that we depend on so much for so many things. To have a guy with that ability, that talent and that leadership ability as well, means a lot to us and has been very important for us and our development as players as well as teammates and friends."

On how losing Jackson impacts his initial moves out of the backfield: "You just try to run it the same. To be honest with you we haven't really work a lot with Nick in there. Today will be our first real look at it, but I wouldn't expect it to be too different from when Jamaal was in there. Nick will get the hang of it. He's played center before he just hasn't had the opportunity as of late, but he'll be fine."

On being able to make impact plays in the postseason: "My goal is to go out there and help this team win. Whether that is blocking, or catching the ball, running, or running the ball down the field. Hopefully I'll be able to make some impact plays."

On whether he feels like it's been a while since he went into the playoffs healthy: "It has been. Of course, last year I wasn't where I wanted to be as far as my healthy goes. Hopefully this year I'll get an opportunity to get out there help this team win by my play on the field. That's my goal."

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