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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "Players that will be out for this game are (RB) Brian Westbrook and (WR) Jeremy Maclin. Both are doing better. Brian practiced all week and did all of the scout team stuff. He made improvement during the week and we'll just see how it works out for him over the weekend and then next week. And then Jeremy has made a lot of progress too. We'll take it day by day and see how they do. (WR) Kevin Curtis practiced and he'll be active for the game."

Opening Remarks: "All in all we look forward to the challenge of playing the 49ers. We know they're a good football team. They have won several games, but the games that they have lost they've been right there. They're coming off of a huge win. They're still in playoff contention here and this is a big game for them, it's a big game for us and it's a great atmosphere for two good football teams playing each other. We look forward to that challenge."

On the message it sends to the team when you have players fighting through pain to play: "This is a tough game. You have Brian doing the same thing, nobody wants to be out there more than Brian does right now. And Jeremy, Jeremy has shown me a lot being a young guy and fighting through what he's got. It's a tribute to the locker room and the atmosphere that they've created in there and that's something that the veteran players, they set that tempo. It's a good thing to have as a head football coach."

On how much Curtis can give in his first game back: "We'll see. He'll get out there and he'll play. (WR) Reggie (Brown) will start. We'll just see. We'll see how he feels as we go through it."

On how fast Curtis looks: "He looks good. He looks like he can run. Is he in game shape? Well, he has to play in the game. At this time of the year you don't have the opportunity to have preseason games and to get yourself back into game shape other then practice. It'll be good to get him in there and let him run around a little bit."

On whether he is planning to dress a third tight end given that TE Brent Celek's back has been bothering him: "We'll see how he does. I want to see how he does after this practice. He got some work in today. We'll see how he feels after I'm done here."

On how Celek is listed: "He's good right now. Right now he's good, ready to play."

On whether Curtis can play all three wide receiver positions right now: "He can play all of them. He knows all of them."

On the situation at SAM linebacker: "We have (LB) Chris Gocong and we have (LB) Moise (Fokou). Both of them will play in this game and that's what that is."

On how he feels about having multiple players playing safety: "If you dress right now on this football team then you are going to play. There is no greater evidence than on the defensive side. They've all got their roles and they're filling them well. They'll all have the chance to play whether it is at safety, whether it is at corner, everybody plays."

On what Fokou brings to the SAM linebacker position that Gocong lacks: "They're both good players. There is a chance both of them are on the field at the same time. There's a chance one of them is on the field. They're both just good football players."

On whether there have been any updates on Westbrook's concussion tests: "He'll take another one this next week and we'll see how he does… The primary thing is that we get him back into shape where he's comfortable going out there. I know he wants to play, but it's a little different at running back where you're taking the reps that he normally takes."

On whether Westbrook had medical clearance to play this week: "He did not have it this week. We'll see about this next week."

On whether Westbrook not being cleared to play was because of the concussion test results: "Right, he actually feels very good."

On whether he is pleased with improvements the team has made this week at tackling: "We have to do a better job there, that's obvious. The guys went out and practiced it the best you can at this time of the year. Now it's a matter of transferring that into the game.

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