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Articles - January 2013

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2013-01-01 Tuesday Morning Headlines
2013-01-01 Eagles Launch Search For Head Coach
2013-01-01 Players Brace For A Culture Change
2013-01-01 Taking A Look At The QB Picture
2013-01-02 Report: Eagles To Interview McCoy
2013-01-02 Wednesday Morning Headlines
2013-01-02 Report: Marrone On Eagles' Radar
2013-01-02 Koetter Stays In Atlanta
2013-01-02 Kelly The Leading Candidate?
2013-01-02 First Wave Of Candidates Emerges
2013-01-02 Report: Eagles To Meet McCoy Sunday
2013-01-02 Report: Eagles Interested In O'Brien
2013-01-02 Eagles To Interview Denver's McCoy
2013-01-02 Eagles Sign DE Brown, CB Lindley
2013-01-02 Kelly Would Not Need Full Control
2013-01-02 Report: Eagles To Meet With Kelly
2013-01-03 Cox Earns All-Rookie Team Honor
2013-01-03 Eagles Set To Interview McCoy Sunday
2013-01-03 Staley Staying In Philly?
2013-01-03 O'Brien To Stay At Penn State
2013-01-04 Who Is At The Top Of Eagles' Wish List?
2013-01-04 Eagles Sign CB Chris Hawkins
2013-01-04 Arians, Bradley To Interview With Eagles
2013-01-04 Report: Kelly Close To Joining Browns
2013-01-04 Eagles: A Deep, Thorough Search
2013-01-04 Lurie Offers Congrats To Reid, Chiefs
2013-01-05 Update On Coaching Search
2013-01-05 Report: Eagles To Interview Kelly
2013-01-05 Report: Eagles To Meet With Marrone
2013-01-05 Coaches To Watch In Wild Card Weekend
2013-01-05 Report: Eagles Interested in Jay Gruden
2013-01-05 Panthers Keep Rivera
2013-01-05 Report: Long Meeting For Kelly, Eagles
2013-01-05 Report: More Interviews On Sunday
2013-01-06 Reports: Bills Hire Marrone
2013-01-06 Eagles Confirm Meeting With Kelly
2013-01-06 Sitting And Waiting, Just Like You
2013-01-06 Report: Kelly's Staff Unaware Of Decision
2013-01-06 Eagles Wrap Up Weekend Interviews
2013-01-07 Eagles To Interview Jay Gruden
2013-01-07 Cole Looks To Rebound In 2013
2013-01-08 Cox, Boykin On ESPN's Breakout List
2013-01-08 Eagles To Interview Lovie Smith
2013-01-08 Conflicting Reports On Gruden
2013-01-08 Eagles Sign Two Receivers
2013-01-08 Offseason Preview: Quarterback
2013-01-08 Gruden Expects To Remain In Cincy
2013-01-09 Wednesday Rumor Roundup
2013-01-09 Report: Pettine Joins Bills' Staff
2013-01-09 Assistant Coaches In Demand
2013-01-09 Former Eagles Lobby For Jon Gruden
2013-01-09 Cowher Still Interested In Coaching
2013-01-09 Zimmer A Perfect Fit For Philly?
2013-01-09 Jon Gruden In Philly?
2013-01-09 Offseason Preview: Backfield
2013-01-09 Big Ben Endorses Bruce Arians
2013-01-09 A Look At Topsy-Turvy NFC East
2013-01-09 Report: Eagles Interviewed Brian Kelly
2013-01-09 Kelce Would Love Reunion With Kelly
2013-01-09 Report: Pederson To Join Chiefs' Staff
2013-01-10 Thursday Rumor Roundup
2013-01-10 Arians Has One Interview Scheduled
2013-01-10 Avant's Big Catch Up For NFL Honor
2013-01-10 Offseason Preview: Wide Receiver
2013-01-10 Cox Named To All-Rookie Team
2013-01-10 Tony Dungy: Lovie A Fit In Philly
2013-01-10 "Inocente" Gets Oscar Nod
2013-01-10 Jaguars Begin; Browns End Search
2013-01-11 Friday Rumor Roundup
2013-01-11 Mayock Weighs In On Coaching Search
2013-01-11 Are The Bears Closing In On A Coach?
2013-01-11 Report: Smith Interviewing In San Diego
2013-01-11 Jay Gruden Met With Cards; Eagles Next?
2013-01-11 Mornhinweg To Interview With Jets?
2013-01-11 Assistant Coaches Headed To Chiefs
2013-01-11 Offseason Preview: Tight End
2013-01-11 Monday: Eagles To Meet With Gruden
2013-01-12 Report: Arians To Interview Next Week
2013-01-12 Reports: Kelly Decision Imminent
2013-01-12 Reports: Bradley To Interview Saturday
2013-01-12 Eagles Update Head Coach Search
2013-01-12 No Need For Worry, Eagles Fans
2013-01-13 Offseason Preview: Guard/Center
2013-01-13 Report: Eagles Interviewed Billick
2013-01-13 Longing To Be In Playoffs Again ...
2013-01-14 Glazer: Bradley Interview Was "Great"
2013-01-14 How This Weekend Affected The Search
2013-01-14 Offseason Preview: Defensive End
2013-01-14 As We All Wait And Wonder ...
2013-01-14 East-West Shrine Game: 10 To Watch
2013-01-14 Eagles To Interview Bradley Second Time
2013-01-14 All Eyes Are On Gus Bradley
2013-01-15 Report: Chargers Close To Hiring McCoy
2013-01-15 Report: Bradley To Arrive In Afternoon
2013-01-15 Let The Feeding Frenzy Begin!
2013-01-15 Eagles Sign Veteran OT Barbre
2013-01-15 Offseason Preview: Defensive Tackle
2013-01-15 An Update: Waiting Into Night
2013-01-15 Pauline's Shrine Game Report: Day 2
2013-01-15 Reports: Meeting With Bradley Over
2013-01-16 Bears Hire Trestman
2013-01-16 Report: Bradley To Speak With Jaguars
2013-01-16 Report: Eagles' Search Almost Over
2013-01-16 Report: Eagles Land Chip Kelly
2013-01-16 Eagles Get Their Man In Kelly
2013-01-16 Chip Kelly Named New Head Coach
2013-01-16 What Will Kelly's Offense Look Like?
2013-01-16 Football World Reacts To Kelly Hire
2013-01-16 Fans, Players Excited About Kelly
2013-01-16 What Does Kelly Think Of Foles?
2013-01-16 How Did The Eagles Land Kelly?
2013-01-16 Kelly Arrives In Philadelphia
2013-01-17 Pauline's Shrine Bowl Report: Day 3
2013-01-17 Questions To Greet The Kelly Era
2013-01-17 Smolenski: Kelly Understands Philly
2013-01-17 Chairman/CEO Jeffrey Lurie and Head Coach Chip Kelly
2013-01-17 Kelly Received Guidance From Reid
2013-01-17 Lurie Hopes Third Time's The Charm
2013-01-17 Chip Kelly Wins On Day One
2013-01-18 Friday Morning Headlines
2013-01-18 Inside The Numbers On Chip Kelly
2013-01-18 Shrine Game Matchups To Watch
2013-01-18 Too Early To Know QB Plans
2013-01-18 Offseason Preview: Linebacker
2013-01-19 Glimpse Into Chip Kelly's World
2013-01-19 Raiders Tab April To Coach Special Teams
2013-01-19 Mock Draft Tracker
2013-01-20 Offseason Preview: Cornerback
2013-01-20 Senior Bowl 10 To Watch
2013-01-21 On Road To ... The Senior Bowl
2013-01-21 Senior Bowl Weigh-In Results
2013-01-21 Offseason Preview: Safety
2013-01-21 Bowles To Lead Cardinals' Defense
2013-01-21 Key For Kelly: How He Adapts
2013-01-21 Senior Bowl Day 1 Practice Report
2013-01-22 Offseason Preview: Special Teams
2013-01-22 Barner Provides Kelly Scouting Report
2013-01-22 Next Step Is News On Staff, Etc ...
2013-01-22 Pauline's Stock Report: Day 2
2013-01-23 First-Timer's Guide To The Senior Bowl
2013-01-23 Pauline's Wednesday Stock Report
2013-01-24 Mornhinweg Headed To Jets
2013-01-25 What To Look For In D Coordinator
2013-01-25 Senior Bowl Watch List
2013-01-25 Senior Bowl Key Matchups
2013-01-26 Pauline's Final Stock Report
2013-01-27 Mock Draft Tracker
2013-01-28 How Quickly Can Roster Improve?
2013-01-28 Roseman: Building Blocks Are Here
2013-01-29 Is Cole Key To 2013 D Plans?
2013-01-30 Smooth Transition For O-Line?
2013-01-31 Some Things I Think I Know ...
2013-01-31 Vermeil Expects Kelly To Succeed
2013-01-31 2013 Season Ticket Prices Announced