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Eagles Launch Search For Head Coach

Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie launched the search for a new head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday with a list of attributes he is seeking in the next coach.

"I am very confident about our future as a team and as an organization," said Lurie.

At the top of his list is the ability to lead. Outstanding leadership skills matched with the ability to set strategic short-term, mid-term and long-term goals is important to Lurie. Coaches will also appreciate the fact that Lurie is a patient owner – one who will give a great coach the time to realize his ambitions and plans for the Eagles.

A forward thinker, someone who pays attention to the details and someone who is open to innovation is a candidate Lurie might consider. He wants a coach who is smart and who surrounds himself with high-caliber assistants and colleagues.

All NFL coaches have to be strategic, working to understand not only their team's strengths and weaknesses but the opponent's as well. But they also have to run a tough, disciplined team, said Lurie. Toughness, dedication and a sense of character are what fans have come to expect from the Eagles.

Most importantly, Lurie wants a head coach who understands this city, its fans and their tough but loyal character. A coach needs to recognize the pride that we all hold in our team and that winning and being the best is what Philadelphians expect.

The countdown to finding and signing a new head coach is underway. Happy New Year!

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