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Big Ben Endorses Bruce Arians

Arians and the Steelers quarterback spent five seasons together when Arians was the team's offensive coordinator. In that time, Roethlisberger saw the way Arians gained the respect of not only the players on offense, but the entire team. Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune spoke with Roethlisberger Wednesday about how Arians would perform as a head coach.

"He is a players-coach," Roethlisberger said. "When I say that, I don't mean he's favored the players. He is fair and players respect him. You're not going to always get your way as a player, and you shouldn't. You respect his decision and his calls and the things he does."

As a head coach, Arians would be responsible for more than just the offense. Roethlisberger believes Arians would be great at connecting with guys on the defensive side of the ball as well.

"He got along with the defensive guys just as well as the offensive guys because he competed with them in 7-on-7 and other drills and everyone respects him because he's been around for a long time, he knows what he is talking about," Roethlisberger explained.

The Eagles are one of a handful of teams who will interview Arians. The offensive guru saw his role with the Colts expanded to interim head coach after Chuck Pagano took leave for his battle with leukemia. One year after the Colts finished 2-14 and owned the top pick in the NFL Draft, they reached the playoffs with an 11-5 record.

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