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Fans, Players Excited About Kelly

Reaction to the Eagles' hiring of Chip Kelly as the team's next head coach has pouring in all day. We've compiled a list of what fans, players and experts from around the NFL are saying about the team's big news:

Eagles Win The Day. #ChipKelly — Alex Duda (@ADuda05) January 16, 2013

Great day to be an Eagles fan. Excited for next season. #Eagles #ChipKelly — Thomas Harrison Dent (@Thomas_Dent) January 16, 2013

I heard from a very reliable source that Turkey Quesadillas are Chip Kelly's favorite food item. #justsayin… — Jason Kelce (@Jkelce) January 16, 2013

Text from a league source: "somewhere Monte Kiffin just saddled up to a bar and ordered a double. Chip freaking Kelly." — Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks) January 16, 2013

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