Philadelphia Eagles



J.D. Candidate

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Tenure: 1

College: Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics from Stanford University


Community involvement: I have mentored dozens of students from colleges across the country to help them learn more about entrepreneurship, fundraising, and growing a company. I love sharing my knowledge with students to democratize entrepreneurship and empower them to build a better future. It has been particularly rewarding to work with women and other marginalized groups as they are underrepresented in the startup and business world. 

As a rookie, I am looking forward to: Meeting Eagles fans! Philadelphia has the most passionate fan base, and I cannot wait to cheer on the Eagles alongside these fans and my amazing teammates. I love how Eagles fans build community both in the stadium and across the city. While I look forward to seeing everyone in the stadium for the first time, I am equally excited to engage with fans at the many community events we participate in.