Executive Office and Project Coordinator

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Tenure: 2

College: Earned Master of Business Administration with Certification in Entrepreneurship from West Chester University; Graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Minors in Mathematics and International Business



Community Involvement: I currently work to assign behavioral specialists, paraprofessionals, teachers, and aides to many students with autism which has contributed to my passion for Autism Awareness. Personally, and through my job, I am able to participate in walks, raise money, share information and offer any support I can within the community. I am happy to be able to expand on this even more as an Eagles Cheerleader and through the Eagles Autism Challenge.

Favorite Appearance and Why: As a rookie, I am really looking forward to game days. Performing brings me so much joy and I have worked very hard and devoted so much of my life to training. I can't wait to share my passion on the field now that I've made it to the NFL. In addition, while Philly is my hometown, I have never attended an Eagles Game. I'm very excited to be able to experience my first Eagles game from the field, chant the Eagles fight song, and feel the energy from 70,000 of the best fans ever. I am also really excited to participate in the Junior Cheer Clinics. I love being able to teach and inspire young performers.

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