Videos - January 2013

Published On Title
2013-01-01 Roseman: Going 4-12 Is Unacceptable
2013-01-01 Reid, Lurie Address Employees
2013-01-02 Players React And Look Ahead
2013-01-02 Quick Gives His Thoughts On 2012
2013-01-03 Lurie: We Will Emerge Better Than Before
2013-01-03 Reese: The Future Is Bright
2013-01-03 The Coaching Search Begins
2013-01-03 Draft Tracker: Top QB Prospects
2013-01-04 Smolenski: The Fans Are Second To None
2013-01-04 Eagles Reflect On Defense
2013-01-04 Eagles Update: Would Chip Fit?
2013-01-04 Top 10 Plays Of 2012
2013-01-04 Casserly Gives Offseason Needs
2013-01-05 Lurie Outlines The Coaching Search
2013-01-07 Draft Tracker: Top Skill Players
2013-01-07 Getting The Scoop On McCoy
2013-01-07 Caplan Brings The Latest
2013-01-08 Lande Gives Draft Insight
2013-01-09 Roseman Updates The Coaching Search
2013-01-09 Farrar Reports On Gus Bradley
2013-01-10 Eagles Anxious To Improve
2013-01-11 Cole Knows What He Is Capable Of
2013-01-12 Dorenbos' Path To The NFL
2013-01-14 Daniel Jeremiah's Top 10 Mock Draft
2013-01-14 Philadelphia Natives Impress Early At Shrine Game
2013-01-15 Baldinger Outlines His Candidates
2013-01-15 Shrine Bowl Practice Report: Pauline's Take
2013-01-15 Thomas Chimes In On Eagles' Offseason
2013-01-15 Eagles Announce Playground Build School
2013-01-15 Skill Players Match Up At Shrine Game
2013-01-16 Charles Davis on Kelly's Offense
2013-01-16 Jenkins Impressed By Kelly
2013-01-16 Deep In The Trenches On Day 2
2013-01-16 What's Kelly's Impact On Vick?
2013-01-16 Caplan Reacts To Surprise Move
2013-01-16 Manti Te'o's Draft Status
2013-01-16 Chip Kelly Arrives In Philly
2013-01-16 Eagles Update: A Safe Landing In Philadelphia
2013-01-17 Casserly: Te'o's Interview Just Got Longer
2013-01-17 Davis: Players Will Love Chip Kelly
2013-01-17 Pac-12 Defenders - Kelly A Great Coach
2013-01-17 Reese More Than Excited
2013-01-17 Kelly Signs His New Contract
2013-01-17 Maclin 'Excited' To Play For Kelly
2013-01-17 Maisel: The Eagles Got A Great One
2013-01-17 Falling Draft Stock?
2013-01-17 Shrine Report: 11-on-11
2013-01-18 Shrine: Linemen Mix It Up
2013-01-18 Giovani Bernard in studio
2013-01-18 Spudcam: Kelly Visits Dawkins
2013-01-18 Mandel: Kelly Truly A "Unique" Coach
2013-01-19 Kelly's Intro Press Conference
2013-01-19 Roseman: Kelly Will Bring Passion
2013-01-19 Lurie: Kelly A 'Natural Fit'
2013-01-19 Kelly Joins Us In The Studio
2013-01-19 Eagles Update: Kelly Making The Rounds
2013-01-19 Jeremiah: Kelly Will Be Fun To Watch
2013-01-20 Chip Kelly In Evaluation Mode
2013-01-20 Jaworski: Kelly Brings Energy To The City
2013-01-20 Eagles Report: Kelly, Roseman At The Senior Bowl
2013-01-21 Paolantonio: A "Once In A Generation" Move
2013-01-21 Harbor: Offense Built On Speed, Versatility
2013-01-21 Kelly Meets With Media In Mobile
2013-01-22 Senior Bowl: O-Line Vs. D-Line
2013-01-22 Senior Bowl: WRs Vs. DBs
2013-01-22 Exclusive: One On One With Chip Kelly
2013-01-23 Senior Bowl: South Team Linemen Clash
2013-01-23 Senior Bowl: 11-on-11 Action
2013-01-24 Senior Bowl: South Team Not Short On Speed
2013-01-24 Senior Bowl: Pauline's Observations
2013-01-24 Roseman: Kelly Has "Clear Direction"
2013-01-25 Caplan Rates The Senior Bowl QBs
2013-01-25 Senior Bowl: Small School Standouts
2013-01-26 Pauline's Players To Watch In The Senior Bowl
2013-01-26 2013 Senior Bowl Highlights
2013-01-26 Manuel Entering Draft At 'Perfect Time'
2013-01-28 Exclusive: One On One With Howie Roseman
2013-01-29 Kelce Plans To Be Stronger Than Ever
2013-01-29 Who Would The Eagles Consider At #4?
2013-01-29 From The Locker Room: Colt Anderson
2013-01-29 Draft Tracker: Top 5 Pass Rushers
2013-01-30 Feldman Sold On Kelly's Style
2013-01-31 Where Will Marcus Lattimore Be Drafted?
2013-01-31 Vermeil Expects Success For Kelly