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Setting Stage For Big Week Ahead

  • If you didn't know anything else about the Eagles, you would think the only stories are the team's activity in free agency, the holdout of wide receiver DeSean Jackson and the absence of wide receiver Jeremy Maclin from practice. An update before we go into the meat of what is happening at Lehigh University: The roster looks great from this perspective. I see why the Eagles signed each one of these veterans in free agency and why they traded for cornerback Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie. As for Jackson, he has reportedly landed in Philadelphia and is likely on his way to training camp. And Maclin continues to work his way back from a spring illness and the Eagles, while obviously concerned, have not given any indication that Maclin's season will be threatened. Meanwhile ...
  • I love Michael Vick. To be where he is now from where he was 24 months ago when he signed with the Eagles is simply remarkable. He says the right things and he does the right things and he walks the walk. I respect the heck out of the guy for the way he has turned his life around and I am proud that he is the quarterback and the face of this franchise.
  • Vince Young needs to take heed. Serious head. Young is working hard on improving his game. He is listening to the coaching he is receiving and the time the Eagles are devoting to him. I want to see him get better every day for the rest of this preseason and season. Every day.
  • This defense is killing it in practice. Can't wait to see the speed at which it plays against Baltimore on Thursday (7:30 p.m. kickoff, 6abc in Philadelphia). Fast, fast, fast so far.
  • So, it says here that Ryan Harris has a strong hold on the right tackle position for at least the next day. He has spent the last 60 hours starting there after joining the team last week. Harris is ahead of the group at practice, but he is still going to have to hold off Winston Justice once Justice is healthy and ready to go.
  • It is real, so don't pretend it's not: The competition for the starting center job is on, and rookie Jason Kelce may have the lead. I want to see who starts Thursday. This is one starting spot and performance that means something in the preseason open. Truth is, every snap counts, especially this year.
  • To me, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim is a far better player at right defensive end than he is at left defensive end. I like what I've seen from him these last few days in practice.
  • More than I think I have ever seen before, this group of cornerbacks gets its hands on the passes at training camp. That may change when Jackson and Maclin return to the practice field, but for now that is what I see.
  • How is Mike Kafka progressing? He has had more zip on his passes than a year ago. He gets the ball out quickly and accurately. I think the Eagles will dial up a lot of Kafka passes on Saturday.
  • Owen Schmitt appears to have a very solid lead on the fullback job. Schmitt looks really good.
  • Is there a long, long, longshot here? How about rookie defensive tackle Cedric Thornton, who has some quickness and size.
  • Alex Henery made 5 of 6 long-distance field goals on Sunday morning, hooking a 53-yarder than had plenty of distance. He is going to be a stud.
  • Can't really say what is going on at tight end, other than to compliment all four there: Brent Celek, Clay Harbor, Donald Lee and Cornelius Ingram. The preseason games are huge for tight end, because I refuse to believe that the Eagles signed Lee to be a third tight end.
  • Great, great crowds during the weekend. They stands were filled and the fans clearly enjoyed their experience. There were nearly 13,000 fans at Sunday morning's practice, and then another 1,000 or so for the walkthrough. That is so strong. Thank you.
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