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Once Again, Jake Elliott Delivers The Winning Points

Jake Elliott was ready for whatever was coming his way. He knew the deal: Late in a close game and anything can happen and it usually does. For the third time at Lincoln Financial Field in two seasons, Elliott delivered in the final seconds, kicking a 35-yard field goal on the final play of Sunday's game to lift the Eagles to a must-win 32-30 victory over the Houston Texans.

Elliott, who had earlier kicked a 47-yard field goal and two PATs, with one point-after miss, calmly stepped up. The snap from Rick Lovato was right on, the hold from Cameron Johnston was perfect, and Elliott was true on the kick on about the prettiest December 23 day anyone could ask for with temperatures in the mid-40s and low winds throughout the afternoon.

"It was great out there," Elliott said. "I made sure to stay on top of that, keep myself ready because you always have to be ready. For me, it's just about making sure I hit the ball solid, and I did that. I didn't even look at it after I kicked it, really. I knew it was good."

Elliott has made 25 of his 30 field goal attempts this season including the game-winners against the Giants (43 yards) at Lincoln Financial Field on November 25 and the one against Houston on Sunday. Last season, of course, Elliott kicked a 61-yard field goal to beat the New York Giants in Week 3 to launch the Eagles to a nine-game winning streak.

He's calm as can be in every situation, including the end-of-game nail-biters.

"I just try to treat it like every kick," Elliott said. "It's just a matter of staying with my routine, do what I do, and then have confidence that the best is going to happen."

It did on Sunday to end a thriller at Lincoln Financial Field at what is the Eagles' final game of the regular season in South Philadelphia.

"It's a great place to kick once you know the conditions and the wind and the temperature," Elliott said. "The season wasn't too bad as far as the weather. It held up for us today again."

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