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Odds And Ends With June Ahead

And so, instead of covering the Eagles on a daily basis and gaining a feel for the depth chart and first impressions of the newest players, we're re-hashing the draft, locking in on rumors, and looking ahead to what might be with your favorite team.

With that disclaimer, let's discuss some of the top-of-mind items as the NFL and the players aim toward the all-important June 3 court hearing ...

  • I'm not smart enough to understand exactly how it works in the offensive meetings, but Andy Reid always credited Juan Castillo with installing the running game for the offense. Castillo was in charge of the blocking scheme in the running game and within the pass game. So it makes sense to wonder what Howard Mudd's presence will mean for the offense. What running plays will the team use? How will the Eagles handle the blitz? We'll find out in due time, I guess.
  • I miss going to 20 times a day. I admit it. This work stoppage has impacted everyone in every way, and it's still early in the process. It is a testing time for everyone.
  • Can't tell you how many times I have been asked if the NFL will have a season this year. Every time it is the same answer: Absolutely. I expect great progress to be made in negotiations in these next few weeks. A deal will get done. I truly believe that. I just wish it would hurry up and happen.
  • Very disturbed by the accounts of Jim Tressel's time at Ohio State, so brilliantly documented on One side of Tressel is of a Christian man who represented a necessary father figure and disciplinarian for young man. The other side is of a coach blind to the numerous goings on with his players off the field. It is a riveting read.
  • Hope you make your way to Lincoln Financial Field for a summer of great events. Monster Jam, Kenny Chesney, Real Madrid, U2 and Taylor Swift make for the most active summer ever for blockbuster events at Lincoln Financial Field.
  • I read a story by Ashley Fox in The Philadelphia Inquirer suggesting that quarterback Kevin Kolb is "naive" when he says that he trusts head coach Andy Reid and that Reid will do what is right for Kolb. Fox says that Reid will do what is best for the football team, and while that is true to an extent, Reid has built a great relationship with his players and does right by them. That's one of the many reasons players want to play for Reid. I think Reid demonstrated last year with the way he handled Donovan McNabb that he is sensitive to his players' next steps. What that means for Kolb, I don't know. His story is obviously one to follow closely when business opens again in the NFL.
  • Where can the Eagles improve when they are permitted to sign players and make trades? I'm all for adding pieces to the defense. Kick returner is interesting to me. Offensively, hey, keep piling on the talent. I think there will be ample opportunties to bring in more talent across the board.
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