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LeGarrette Blount: Jay Ajayi 'Makes Our Room A Lot Stronger'


A stoic LeGarrette Blount stood at his locker awaiting the litany of questions about how things would shake out between him and new running back Jay Ajayi.

Head coach Doug Pederson reiterated that Blount is the starter at running back so Blount may not have given reporters the juicy headlines they'd like to hear about former division foes turned teammates. Blount was actually unmoved when he first got the word from running backs coach Duce Staley.

"There was no reaction. I can control only what I can control," Blount said. "You can never have enough depth at any position. Obviously (Ajayi's) someone that can contribute to our team and can help us a lot, so we're going to welcome him with open arms."

Pederson's statement did, however, mean a lot to Blount given the effort he's put out on the field this season. During the six-game win streak, the run game led by Blount has consistently finished with at least 100 rushing yards after barely finishing with 100 yards in the first two games combined. The Eagles rank fifth in the league with 129.3 rushing yards per game. For Blount, he'll continue to worry about his own on-field performance and not feed into the hype surrounding the trade.

"Trades happen every year and they always happen in the same dramatic fashion," Blount said. "They always happen right before the deadline and there's always huge stories that are made about them and it's something that you can't let distract you from your task and from your goal.

"This move shouldn't set our sights off of that or deter what our focus is and what the task is at hand and that's playing the Broncos this weekend."

With Ajayi's addition, the Eagles' ground game becomes even more difficult to contain. He participated in his first practice Wednesday and did everything the coaching staff has asked of him since he's arrived in Philadelphia. All in all, there's no trepidation for locker room disruption, especially in the running back room.

"We already had good backs here. We just added another good back. There's something that all of us bring to the table including him," Blount said. "Everybody brings something different to the table so the depth just makes our room a lot stronger."

The Eagles sported camo-themed practice jerseys ahead of Sunday's Salute to Service game against the Broncos. In addition, Wednesday marked running back Jay Ajayi's first practice with the team.

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