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Is kelly green on the horizon for the Eagles?

PHOENIX – Are the Eagles getting closer, even a little bit, to bringing back kelly green jerseys as an alternate uniform? Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie, speaking on Tuesday from the NFL Annual Meeting, says the answer is "yes."

"We're working on that," Lurie said. "We're working on that hard. High priority. High priority. I don't know if it will get done for the 2019 season, but I have some hopes for the 2020 season."

The jersey color, a fan favorite and one the Eagles wore as a helmet color along with white wings – the Eagles also wore white helmets with kelly green wings from 1970-73 – was changed to a darker "midnight green" in 1996, shortly after Lurie purchased the team from Norman Braman. Lurie has been asked about the kelly green jerseys, which were last used in the 2010 season opener to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1960 NFL Championship team, in recent years at these meetings and he's been a proponent of bringing back the color in an alternate fashion. It just hasn't happened.

Maybe this time, real progress can be made. No doubt Lurie will be asked about it again at next year's NFL Annual Meeting, held in Florida.

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