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Eagles Have Handle On QB Picture

Whether that means they have an interest in trading Kevin Kolb, or Mike Kafka, or whether it means the Eagles are going to stay put with what they have and march forward with one of the deepest groups in the NFL remains to be seen. In these extraordinary times, and during these slow moments, the issue of Kolb's future has been on the front burner with local and national analysts.

Only a few within the Eagles' organization know for sure the plan.

Understand that Reid and Co. have planned for whatever scenario comes next. The team has been down this road before, having dealt Donovan McNabb to Washington last year, a deal that won't be fully accounted for until the Eagles exercise the 2012 fourth-round selection they acquired from Tampa Bay in this year's draft.

This time, though, the picture is completely different. There is no urgency to deal Kolb or, for that matter, Kafka. While it's true that Kolb could be an unrestricted free agent following the 2011 campaign, the Eagles would likely get a high compensatory draft pick should they allow Kolb to leave as a free agent following this season.

Last year, the Eagles felt it was the right time to deal McNabb for his sake and for the sake of the team. A young team was ready to go in a different direction. Nobody at the time expected that direction to wind its way to Michael Vick, the new face of the franchise.

But that's the way it worked out for the Eagles. This offense is now led by one of the most talented and dynamic players in the league. The offense is as explosive and as dangerous as any in the NFL. Having Kolb as the No. 2 signal caller is a comfort, one the Eagles aren't taking lightly.

And so there is no rush to deal Kolb, unless the right deal comes along. Kolb is an outstanding young quarterback prospect who has been the picture of professionalism as an Eagle. He wants to start in the NFL right now, whether he is an Eagle or in another city.

The speculation has been rampant. The planning has been, as is Reid's way, meticulous. When the NFL opens its doors for business, the Eagles will be ready for all scenarios.

There really isn't much else to kick around at this point in the offseason. Kolb's status is a dangling piece of unfinished business that everyone wants to resolve, one way or the other.

In the end, the Eagles serve themselves well to listen to any offers and consider everything. If there is a deal that benefits the team and maximizes the asset that Kolb is right now, the Eagles have to think about it long and hard. But there is no need to trade Kolb. There is no pressing, burning, it-must-happen sense that he has to be dealt.

The reality is that the Eagles could easily justify keeping Kolb as the best backup quarterback in the league behind Vick. And they could just as easily deal him if they can make this team a stronger Super Bowl contender for 2011 and years to come.

The waiting is what makes it all so hard. The Eagles have waited, they have discussed, and they have mapped out various paths that the quarterback depth chart could take. All they need is the league's go ahead to take action steps.

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