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Doug Pederson Brought A Key Element Of The Eagles' Success From High School


The RPOs (run pass options) were in head coach Doug Pederson's playbook back in 2005 when he retired from his 13-year career as a quarterback and pursued his first coaching job as the head coach of the Calvary Baptist Academy football team in Shreveport, Louisiana. The private Christian high school was in its second season with a football program.

During his four years at Calvary Baptist, Pederson went 33-7 overall during the regular season and 8-3 in playoff competition. In 2007, he led the Cavaliers to the state semifinals and their first district title. In 2009, he began his first stint with the Eagles on the coaching staff as the offensive quality control coach. Eight years later, he has Philadelphia on the doorstep of its first Super Bowl crown.

Interestingly enough, Pederson said that the experience helped mold him into the coach that's brought his team to the NFL's grandest stage.

"It was my first head coaching job when I retired and those four years were special to me because my family and my boys were right there in the school with me being at a private school and just watching the kids grow over a four-year period and then having a chance to go on and see some of them play college football or have great careers after college, not necessarily in athletics, but just as students as well," Pederson said during Thursday's press conference.

"Had a chance to play in some playoff games and almost make it to a state championship a couple of times down there. Those are special moments. Moments that I'll always remember and obviously we're on a much bigger stage now playing for the Super Bowl. The journey's the same. The ride's the same. It's just as special obviously doing it at this level and you still have the same types of relationships with these guys now today that you would say a 16- or 17-year-old in high school."

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