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Disrespect Is Nothing New For This Eagles Team


Despite owning the No. 1 seed in the NFC and a 7-1 home record, the Eagles are considered underdogs by analysts against the Atlanta Falcons in Saturday's Divisional Round playoff game.

"Our record speaks for itself and we're a team that's been disrespected week in and week out, but we just come out and we ring the bell every week," defensive tackle Fletcher Cox emphasized. "We played with that chip all year. I don't think that's changed and nothing will change."

The outside rumblings haven't wavered the players' mindset.

"I believe in us, I've been saying that since Day 1 and that's the way we feel in this locker room," said wide receiver Torrey Smith. "Before we did what we did in the regular season, people were doubting us so it doesn't really change. Our goal is still the same, just continue to work and go out there and try to grind and get a win."

"One thing about being older you drown the outside noise out," said ninth-year veteran linebacker Dannell Ellerbe. "I really don't care what people say because at the end of the day what people say has never won a game for me or any of my teammates."

Atlanta posted a 5-3 road record during the regular season before pulling off a Wild Card win in Los Angeles over the Rams. Still, Philadelphia was the NFL's best team at home posting the widest scoring margin (15.2 points per game) while allowing the second-fewest points per game (13.4) on defense.

"That stuff makes for good talk and TV, and a lot of people have a lot of programming to fill, but all year, I have no idea if we've been favorites or underdogs the whole year. It's not going to change now," defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz said.

"The game is going to be about executing on Saturday and the teams that do that the best are going to win. Not the team that got picked by the most number of analysts or experts or what the simulation games say or any of that stuff. That has zero bearing on the game for us."

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