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Celek Vs. Celek: A Battle Of Brotherly Love


The City of Brotherly Love is the setting on Sunday when Eagles tight end Brent Celek suits up against his younger brother Garrett, also a tight end in his sixth NFL season with the 49ers, at Lincoln Financial Field.

"It's going to be fun. I'm preparing just like any other game," Brent Celek said on Thursday. "I don't know if there are going to be any times when I'm going to line up against him (including special teams) ... if that was the case it would be a little different story. I think it will be more fun for my family than it will be for me and my brother."

Who will the parents root for?

"I think they'll probably say, 'We hope you stay healthy,'" Celek said.

Celek said he and his brother have not yet spoken, but they have exchanged text messages. Garrett texted Brent first, and Brent replied.

"He said he was going to do something to me on one play," Celek said, "and I responded."

And he laughed.

"It's a game we need to win and that's the way I'm approaching it," Celek said. "It's going to be good to see my brother for a little bit after the game, but that's about it. I want to keep my focus on the game and on winning."

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