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Back To Work In Mock Situation

Did you know how a mock game is run? It's a mental exercise and a visual introduction into anticipated game situations. Personnel groupings, expected game moments, and a menu of plays run by the players. The tempo is half jog, half walk. There are no pads or helmets.

The preseason begins on Thursday against Baltimore and there is so much going on with so little time to get it all in that mornings like this are extremely beneficial for the players and the coaches.

They work on kickoffs and alignment in coverage. They work on the basics of making sure they have enough players on the field. Very simple stuff, but very important stuff.

Being organized when the game begins is essential, and having 90 players on the sidelines lends the possibility of chaos, and Andy Reid can't stand chaos.

So that's what we have here. The reporters are waiting under a tent, enjoying a cool breeze. The players are getting some mental reps and an introduction to the game plan.

And we're one step closer to the preseason opener and the first chance to evaluate this roster against another team. More to come soon ...

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