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Under the radar, Arryn Siposs hopes to make it as punter

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Not a whole lot of people have taken much notice of Arryn Siposs, the lone Eagles punter in Training Camp who is the latest in the Australian Rules Football-to-the-NFL pipeline that has been a bit of a way of life in the league. Maybe it's time to do so, because Siposs is being given every chance to win a job for 2021 just a handful of seasons after taking up the game.

He's got a chance.

Following a now-familiar route started by Darren Bennett way back in the 1990s, accelerated by the likes of Sav Rocca (an Eagle from 2007-10 and with Washington for three years after that) and Mat McBriar and made legendary by Ben Graham, Siposs hopes to join what is a growing fraternity of Australian-born players punting in the NFL. Seattle has Michael Dickson, former Eagle Cameron Johnston is in Houston, Mitch Wishnowsky plays with San Francisco, and Lac Edwards is hoping to make it with the Chargers this season.

Add Siposs to the list of hopefuls. He's off to a promising start.

Siposs played his college football at Auburn, punting 117 times in 26 games and then signed with Detroit as an undrafted player for the 2020 season. After spending the year there on the practice squad, Siposs signed with Philadelphia in January on a reserve/future contract. Well, the future is now for Siposs.

"Being on the practice squad for the whole year was quite beneficial so hopefully it all pays off here and I can really get after it," Siposs said after Thursday's morning practice at the NovaCare Complex. "It's a lot about technique and making sure that your body is in the right place to execute your job. So far, I feel like I've done reasonably well. There is always room for improvement, of course, but I feel I've had a solid couple of days.

"It is a nice feeling that I'm the only punter here. I spent a lot of the spring putting in the work and working on feeling good about myself and giving them confidence in what I'm doing, and if I can continue that, we'll see. I understand that this is the NFL and that things can change in a matter of minutes and that they can bring in someone to take my job, so I'm going to keep working on improving myself and keeping this going."

Siposs followed the NFL as a kid in Australia and he admired the path taken by his countrymen who forged the path to America and the game. He played 30 games professionally in the Australian ranks before turning his attention to the United States. The similarities between Australian Rules Football to the American game are similar in the way the ball is held and in the shape of the ball – although the Australian ball is rounder at the ends – and so the transition to actually kicking the ball isn't too difficult. However, learning to kick directionally, or to emphasize hang time are nuances that must be mastered.

The Eagles have enough confidence in Siposs that he's the only punter in camp. With three preseason games along with joint practices against the Patriots and the Jets, the coaching staff will see how Siposs responds with pressure on the line. He didn't have a chance to kick in the preseason with Detroit last summer, so every step now is new territory.

"I'm sleeping well. I know that I've put in the work, so that takes the nerves away," said Siposs, who is also holding for Jake Elliott on field goals and has even worked on kickoffs, just in case. "The whole experience – being the only guy here, having fans here, which we didn't have in Detroit last year – is super exciting. It's all about the next day and then the next game. Take it day by day."

Elliott has nothing but positive things to say about Siposs. The two have put in extensive work together since the spring and they've built chemistry and confidence. Those are two attributes vital to success in the kicking game.

"I have a lot of trust in Arryn," Elliott said. "We put in a lot of work throughout the offseason, which was definitely a plus. It's something to work through when you have a new part to the operation and it's been a pretty seamless transition. It's something you have to see and something you have to work through. He's done a great job. He really works at it."

For now, Siposs has flown under the radar. That will change when the preseason rolls around and the lights are on and Siposs has a live rush in his face.

Honestly, he says he is more than ready for that moment.

"It's probably a good thing the fans don't know who I am," he said, laughing. "When the time comes, I'm going to be ready. I just work hard, keep putting in the work and if you do that, everything works out in the end."

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