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Yes, It's True! Vick Is An Eagle

How it happened, why it happened and what it means for the rest of the season is unknown. What is known is that the Eagles have agreed to terms with quarterback/wide receiver/football player Michael Vick on a two-year contract, Eagles President Joe Banner confirmed at halftime of the Eagles-Patriots game on Thursday night.

We're in the middle of a game here, and the details are cloudy. Reports surfaced early in the day that the Eagles were close to a deal and, truth be told, the word didn't spread intensely until the preseason game began. By the middle of the first quarter, the story was hot and heavy on the Eagles sidelines. Still no confirmation, until the agent for Vick, Joel Segal, confirmed to ESPN that Vick agreed to a two-year deal with the Eagles.

How the Eagles plan to use Vick is a mystery. Why they reached out to sign him, I'll let Banner and head coach Andy Reid explain. It certainly is exciting, thrilling, shocking.

More to come ...

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