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WR Golden Tate Scouting Report

WR Golden Tate, Notre Dame
Pos. Rank: 3 Grade: 1st Round Height: 5-10 1/2 Weight: 199 40: 4.42 Year: 3-Jr.

The Good: Explosive game-breaking receiver who can score from any point on the field. Given a large question at the line of scrimmage by defensive backs, quickly gets to top speed, and has the ability to beat defenders downfield. Sells routes, displays terrific quickness in his overall game, and plays with both balance and body control. Displays sharpness into breaks, stays low on exit, and positions himself to make the reception. Comes back to the ball out of breaks, displays the ability to get vertical and highpoint the ball over larger defenders. Effectively uses his frame to shield away defenders, fights hard to make the reception, and easily makes the over-the- shoulder catch down the field. Elusive handling the ball, makes defenders miss and picks up yardage running after the reception, running reverses or returning punts and kicks. Makes a lot of athletic plays on the field.

The Bad: Not a consistent hand catcher and unnecessarily lets the ball get inside him. Loses out in battles. Does not always come away with the difficult reception.

The Verdict: Tate is a game-breaking skill player who draws a variety of opinions in the scouting community. He's a threat to score any time the ball is in his hands yet Tate also displays some inconsistencies in his game. He offers a tremendous amount of upside potential, and if he is able to get stronger, keep his speed, and learn the nuances of the game, he has all the potential to be very productive at the next level.

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