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WR Alshon Jeffery Shows Former Team What Its Missing


Wide receiver Alshon Jeffery left his mark on Lincoln Financial Field in this afternoon's 31-3 win over his former team, the Chicago Bears.

"It was another work day. That's all it was," Jeffery said. "I mean it was just against my former team but I do what I need to do, play football.

"I've got nothing against those guys and what they have going on. Sometimes I feel like this game is a game of inches, one or two plays here or there, I'm pretty sure they could take back and change the game. So nothing against those guys, right now I'm just going out and playing football."

Jeffery recorded a touchdown and all five of his catches for 52 yards in the first half of the game. His 52 yards comes in comparison to Chicago's 33 total yards in the first half.

Jeffery was targeted on the first play from scrimmage. He touched on how he felt about being so involved early on in the game.

"We were just running with our game plan," Jeffery said. "Just sticking with our normal game plan."

The 8-yard touchdown reception from quarterback Carson Wentz came with just five seconds left in the second quarter. It gave the Eagles a 24-0 lead heading into the half.

Jeffery has had a bounce-back season in his first year as an Eagle. Jeffery scored his seventh touchdown of the season and it was his fourth straight game finding the end zone. Before this streak, he had not scored in three or more consecutive games since 2014.

2014 was Jeffery's best year with the Bears in which he played all 16 games and had 85 catches and 1,133 yards. He has 43 catches and 619 yards in 11 games with the Eagles. Looking at the Eagles' offense as a whole, it clearly has had a strong showing over the last few weeks. Jeffery has been an added piece to the successful puzzle. Sunday marks the first time in franchise history that the Eagles have won three straight games by four or more touchdowns.

"I didn't even know that," Jeffery said. "We're just going out there, not looking at the stats, not looking at the numbers, just going out there and playing."

At 10-1 on the season, Jeffery and the Eagles are on the road for the next three weeks as they head to Seattle next Sunday to face the Seahawks. Jeffery spoke on his focus as they will look to bring another win back to Philadelphia.

"We just have to keep working hard each and every day in practice and control what we can control and when we step on the field just play Eagles football," Jeffery said. "Everything else, that doesn't matter to us."

Jeffery is enjoying his year in Philadelphia and wants to get into the holiday spirit early.

"I told the offensive linemen that I'm going to take them to dinner," Jeffery said. "They said they want a bunch of Jordans. I'm going to see."

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Chicago Bears, 31-3, at Lincoln Financial Field. This win moves them to 10-1 on the season.

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