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Will The Type Of Offensive Linemen Change?

Of course, the roster is shaped by head coach Andy Reid and general manager Howie Roseman, but after reading Dave Spadaro's insightful piece on new offensive line coach Howard Mudd, one can only wonder if the new offensive line mastermind will desire a different style of lineman?

Here is a look at the opening day offensive line last year for the Eagles compared to the opening day starters for the Indianapolis Colts over the last five years of Mudd's tenure (2005-09). Needless to say, there is a difference in the body types.

2010 Philadelphia EaglesLT Jason Peters - 6-4, 340 pounds
LG Todd Herremans - 6-6, 321 pounds
C Jamaal Jackson - 6-4, 325 pounds
RG Nick Cole - 6-0, 339 pounds
RT Winston Justice - 6-6, 320 pounds
Average: 6-4, 329 pounds

2005 Indianapolis ColtsLT Tarik Glenn - 6-5, 332 pounds
LG Ryan Lilja - 6-2, 290 pounds
C Jeff Saturday - 6-2, 295 pounds
RG Jake Scott - 6-5, 292 pounds
RT Ryan Diem - 6-6, 320 pounds
Average: 6-4, 306 pounds

Different Opening Day Starters Since For Colts2006 LG Dylan Gandy - 6-3, 295 pounds
2007 LT Tony Ugoh - 6-5, 301 pounds
2008 LG Charlie Johnson - 6-4, 305 pounds
2008 C Jamey Richard - 6-5, 295 pounds
2008 RG Daniel Federkeil - 6-6, 290 pounds
2009 RG Mike Pollak - 6-3, 301 pounds
Average: 6-4, 298 pounds

Even though the heights were consistent for the Eagles and the Colts, the weight difference is quite obvious. What's amazing is that later in Mudd's tenure with the Colts, the weights got lower. Again, this could be Colts president Bill Polian's preference in style of offensive linemen instead of Mudd's. The biggest difference between the Eagles and the Colts comes on the interior. The tackles were virtually the same when Glenn was the left tackle for the Colts, but Ugoh didn't pan out and was released this past season. Johnson, the left guard starter in the 2008 opener, is now the starting left tackle and he is much lighter than the Eagles' Peters.

At center, Jackson is expected to return as the starter even after the past two seasons have been stymied by injury. Jackson is 30 pounds heavier and two inches taller than the All-Pro Saturday, but Jackson has been very good during his Eagles tenure. If you look at the guards from the 2010 Eagles and the 2005 Colts, the Eagles' duo of Herremans and Cole outweighed the Colts' tandem by a whopping 78 pounds. Herremans was a Pro Bowl alternate last year, but there is an opening at the right guard spot. The Eagles could fill the role with someone already on the roster or pick up a new player in the draft. This could very well be the first chance to see the preferred body type of an offensive lineman under Mudd's watch.

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