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Welcome To A New Season, And A New Site!

We're as pumped as can be about the 2008 season for the Eagles and about sharing the experience with the greatest fans in the world! So we've launched our new home page and look forward to receiving your feedback about the new look and feel of the site. Our goal is to further engage Eagles fans around the world on a daily basis with our around-the-clock coverage, our enhanced live and on-demand video and the kind of access you can't get anywhere else. has long been the measuring stick for sports teams' web sites because we know how much Eagles fans love their team and because we know you are on the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We want to have to feel a part of the things that happen with this organization on and off the field, and so we have created a web site that is designed to do just that.

The new home page has a much bolder, cleaner look than in recent years. We are continuing the same great coverage you have become used to over the years, and we have huge plans this season to do even more. One of our primary hopes is that you see as a true Eagles "channel" that you can access 365 days each year.

We're making our video experience even better with more live coverage and a crystal-clear look inside the Eagles. We want to take you places you can only visit here, every day. The top of our page is dramatic and inviting, with better navigation and less clutter. We have four, five and sometimes videos every day on the site.

Inside, you are going to find the same in-depth coverage you've become used to over the years. Take some time to go through the site and provide your constructive feedback. We can't get better unless we know what you want! Eagles fans are never shy, so feel free to provide your insights and opinions either on the Comment section at the bottom of this story or in the Ask Dave Spadaro section of the most active Discussion Boards in any sport.

This is only the beginning. Like the football team, believes in enjoying the journey one step at a time. We are constantly challenging ourselves to improve to benefit the fans, who are deservedly being recognized in national circles as the best in the NFL.

I hope you continue to enjoy every visit you have to We're here to make your time spent on the best it can be.

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