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Wednesday Morning Headlines

Still stuck inside your house/apartment as a result of yesterday's snow storm? Office not opening until later today? Grab some hot cocoa (or coffee), kick back by the fire and enjoy some Wednesday morning headlines!

It's warmer -- and not snowing -- down in Mobile, Alabama, where the second day of Senior Bowl practices wrapped up on Tuesday.

General manager Howie Roseman stressed that while it's great to be at the Senior Bowl and finally get the coaches involved in the scouting process, it is still just one piece of the overall prospect evaluation puzzle.

The 2013 season was a major success, and a number of Eagles -- including head coach Chip Kelly -- won multiple awards.

Guard Evan Mathis was the first Eagle taken -- by captain Jerry Rice -- during the Pro Bowl's fantasy draft selection process.

Longsnapper Jon Dorenbos is back in Huntingdon Beach, California, for the offseason and was nice enough to check in with a player postcard.

Other Views

Reviewing offfensive tackle: Lane Johnson's rookie season as was a big success, as he steadily improved and showed himself to be a perfect fit for Kelly's offense.

The Senior Bowl boasts a ton of prospects who could be of interest to the Eagles.

The Eagles are speaking almost excluively to defensive players at the Senior Bowl, as well as measuring prospects' knees, ankles and wrists so as to determine how lean they are and how much more weight they can carry.

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