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Weaver Loves His Role In Philly

Leonard Weaver wants people to know that life's fun.

The Eagles' new fullback has an infectious, up-beat personality that can't help but rub off on other people. If the 6-foot, 242-pounder blows open some holes for Brian Westbrook or converts some third-and-1's along the way, his smile will just get that much bigger.

"I think (showing my love for the game) is very important," Weaver said. "I'm just that type of guy. Coming from a small-school, small-town, not being known, not having a chance and being able to work my way up, I just take life every day to the fullest. You don't have time to live life a week at a time. You got to live it every second that you can. I try to enjoy it, man, and let people know that it's fun. I enjoy what I do."

That's been clearly evident from the moment Weaver donned Eagles green. Weaver, 26, spent the last four seasons playing for the Seattle Seahawks and coach Mike Holmgren. While there isn't much difference between Holmgren and Eagles head coach Andy Reid, Weaver is one of a handful of players that have toiled under both coaches. For Weaver, the differences are subtle at best. Photo Gallery : 2009 Post-Draft Mini-Camp

"I would have to say personnel groupings," Weaver said. "(The Eagles) do a lot of four-wide where as Mike, we ran the ball out of the I-formation, especially with the tight end. (The Eagles) spread guys out a lot. But otherwise, the terminology and the plays are exactly the same. So that's why I'm able to come in right away and contribute."

Besides adjusting to East Coast time, Weaver has had to adjust his game a little bit because Seattle didn't have players like Brian Westbrook and Donovan McNabb on its roster.

"It's been quite an adjustment," Weaver said. "It's been kind of fun. (I've) been able to (fit) right into the offense because it's pretty much the same. (I've) been able to allow my talent to kind of shine a little bit, kind of go through that veteran move. But it's been great being with Westbrook, seeing him out there, Donovan and all the guys out there, watching that big offensive line we got. It's been awesome."

Weaver hopes to help that line open truck-size holes for the Eagles' most explosive weapon.

"I think (Westbrook's) looking pretty good," Weaver said. "He's taking it easy. Of course, he's one of the veteran guys who established himself quite a bit. Out there running around, he looks good. He caught the ball today really well. I'm excited to play with him."

Weaver has also been impressed with rookie running back LeSean McCoy.

"He is quick, he's elusive, he can really run, he has a great burst of speed after the catch," Weaver said. "He's really a great athlete. I think we saw that in college. We don't have anything to worry about with this kid. Once he learns everything and gets on the ball, he's going to be a great back."

Since Weaver signed with the Eagles on March 20, the team has added massive left tackle Jason Peters. Couple that with the free-agent signing of tackle/guard Stacy Andrews and Weaver's job got a tad easier.

"I'm like, 'my gosh, we have a huge offensive line,'" Weaver said. "I definitely look forward to it. I'm definitely excited playing in this division (with) this team. I'm just excited to get things going."

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