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Unlikely Player Makes Big-Time Play

Rookie free agent wide receiver Brandon Robinson was sprinting away from the field at the end of Saturday morning's practice to be the first player into the locker room. It was no different than his big touchdown reception during practice.

During a "live" team drill, A.J. Feeley threaded the ball in perfectly to Robinson who looked like he would be brought down by Reshard Langford, Trae Williams or Byron Parker. But Robinson escaped and raced the rest of the way to finish off a 70-yard touchdown. Robinson recognized that the defense was in man coverage and the middle part of the field was wide open.

"A.J. throws a perfect ball," Robinson said. "He put it in a spot where I could catch it and only I could catch it. It's what I had to do. Being a receiver, it's our job to catch the ball and you just have to try to make a play afterwards and get that run after the catch. I was just able to keep my balance and I went after the green grass."

The 5-11, 192-pound receiver is no stranger to playing with top-level talent. His primary quarterback at Boston College was the No. 3 overall draft pick in 2008, Matt Ryan. He finished his college career with 141 catches for 2,023 yards and 10 touchdowns. The odds are certainly not in his favor to make the team. But the absence of first-round draft pick Jeremy Maclin, who is still without a contract, leaves the door for players like Robinson to take advantage.

"Being a rookie free agent, we have to put in more work," Robinson said. "The only thing I asked for at the beginning of this was a chance and an opportunity and then to be able to capitalize on those opportunities when I get them."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 6:31 p.m., August 1

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