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Tuesday Morning Headlines


Good morning, Eagles fans and Happy Earth Day! The Offseason Conditioning Program continues today, and that means that we'll have another terrific day of coverage heading your way. Eagles Live! starts at noon, but before then, catch up on the latest Eagles headlines ...

If you missed any of Monday's Eagles Live!, you can catch it here.

Colt's a Colt - Anderson signs with Indianapolis.

The Raiders are on the clock in our Fan Mock Draft.

The Eagles are ready to get 2014 started.

Greg Cosell takes a look at the wide receivers in the latest Film Room segment.

Other Views

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock thinks the Eagles should target defense in the first round.

How can Nick Foles improve in 2014?

Here's a roundup of mock drafts projecting the Eagles' pick at No. 22.

The Eagles opened up their Offseason Conditioning Program with "no notable absences."

Here's an intriguing quarterback prospect to file away from Greg Cosell.

Tommy Lawlor took a look at some of the top cornerback prospects in the NFL Draft.

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