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Time For Day 2 And What's Ahead

So where do they go tonight? Let's discuss a couple of positional situations before the Eagles get into the action ...


How do the Eagles feel about the outside positions? They have numbers, but do they have answers? At this moment, count on Jamar Chaney as the starter on the strong side and Brian Rolle as the starter on the weak side, with a bunch of guys challenging.

Where does Casey Matthews fit in? Is Keenan Clayton ready for substantial playing time? Veterans Moise Fokou and Akeem Jordan contributed last season. How about Monte Simmons, who was on the 49ers' practice squad last year? Greg Lloyd is an inside linebacker here to compete.

The Eagles need more plays from the linebacker positions. DeMeco Ryans helps immensely inside. The Eagles need answers to flank him.


The departure of Asante Samuel creates a lot of questions, doesn't it? How much depth do the Eagles have behind starters Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie? How ready is second-year man Curtis Marsh, a third-round draft pick last year?

Beyond that, the Eagles are always on the lookout for good cornerbacks. They are going with Asomugha and Rodgers-Cromartie outside this season, tweaking the scheme and looking to challenge receivers off the line of scrimmage. Joselio Hanson has the slot position to his own, but expect some challenges.

That leads into rounds two and three. There is some talent on the board entering the night, namely Janoris Jenkins and Jayron Hosley, but they have had some significant trouble off the field. There are some slot-experienced cornerbacks.

Do the Eagles make the move?


There has been so much talk about the "quarterback of the future" and the possibility that the Eagles will invest a pick tonight on somebody like Michigan State's Kirk Cousins or Wisconsin's Russell Wilson or any of the other long-range projects.

The Eagles have Michael Vick as the starter and Mike Kafka and Trent Edwards competing for the No. 2 job. Kafka is in the lead position there at the moment.

Do the Eagles grab a quarterbacks in rounds two or three? It would be a sizable investment, one that would likely assume a roster spot at the very least in 2012.


The best of the best in this draft have been taken. Is anything on the board worthy of a second- or third-round draft pick? Is there a return specialist within this group that can enhance the kickoff return game?

Flat out: The Eagles have used second-round draft picks on safeties in each of the last two years. Would they do it again? How does the coaching staff feel about Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman and Jaiquawn Jarrett?

Is there anyone in the draft better than what the Eagles already have? And then there is the post-draft period of time, with veterans like Yeremiah Bell still on the streets.


It is probably a long shot that the Eagles would find a red-zone threat who can do other things in these two rounds. They certainly love their receiving corps as is with DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant leading the way.

Could the Eagles find quality here that would challenge those three? Yeah, probably. And there is enough talent to challenge the rest of the receivers on this roster.

But in the second round? Is there is a guy who can also return kickoffs and be the guy there?

I always find this to be a deep position. There are going to be good receivers in the later rounds, too. A pick tonight would be a major move, as I see it. Do the Eagles think they need a red-zone threat, either as a wide receiver or a tight end?

Tonight, maybe, we find out.

There are other positions to consider as well -- offensive line, running back and fullback. I can't see the Eagles adding a defensive end. They are well stocked along the defensive line, but if that "best player on the board" theory is truly in place, anything can happen.

And with this team, anything usually does happen.

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