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The 2010 Draft Guide Is Here

It's here - the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles Draft Guide (PDF). Download it NOW for all the information on the upcoming draft.

Check out the team's draft history, read over Combine results for the draft prospects, get caught up on the off-season activity from throughout the league and much more.

Here are some items to whet your appetite:

• The Eagles are the only NFL team with seven draft picks in the first four rounds of the draft. Cincinnati has six such picks.
• Only New England (12) has more overall picks in this draft than the Eagles' 11. Tampa Bay also has 11.
• The longest-tenured Eagles draft pick is DT Mike Patterson, who was selected with the 31st pick in the 1st round of the 2005 draft.
• The 24th overall pick has yielded six Pro Bowl performers in the last eight years: RB Chris Johnson (drafted in 2008), S Brandon Meriweather (2007), QB Aaron Rodgers (2005), RB Steven Jackson (2004), TE Dallas Clark (2003) and S Ed Reed (2002).
• The average age of the Eagles roster is 25.7 years old. The average age of the prospective starting offense is 25.0 years old.
• Philadelphia has engineered 23 trades during the draft over the last seven years, including 10 in the past two drafts.
• Since 1999, Andy Reid's first year as head coach, the Eagles have drafted 20 offensive linemen, 15 defensive linemen, 14 defensive backs, 13 wide receivers, 11 linebackers, 10 running backs, 5 tight ends and 4 quarterbacks.

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 2:00 p.m., April 12

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