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Shady On Westbrook Reunion, Vick

After he ran for 55 yards on 10 carries in the preseason opener, LeSean McCoy didn't quite get the volume of media attention that one might expect of a rookie running back after he puts on such an impressive performance in his first professional game. Of course, the reason for that was the news that had come out earlier in the night about the Eagles signing of Michael Vick - and McCoy was happy to give up the spotlight to Vick.

"I'm a huge Vick fan," McCoy said,

In fact, McCoy couldn't wait to get out on the practice field this afternoon so he could see Vick up close.

"It was kind of cool to watch him," McCoy said, "He looked good.

"You have to understand this is his first time playing in two years, so he's a little rusty. But he'll get it out and then he's going to be same old Vick, and I love to have him on this team."

McCoy was smiling talking about all the offensive firepower the team has now.

"I kind of wanted (Vick) to take off to see what it looks like in person," said McCoy about watching Vick run.

But, for McCoy, Vick's arrival wasn't even the most important part of today's practice. Instead, McCoy was happiest share reps with Brian Westbrook for the first time since the spring.

"It felt good to have (Westbrook) by me again," McCoy said, "Because lately it's just been coach telling me what to do and then I'll do it.

"I actually got to watch some plays today and see some different things that (Westbrook) does. It kind of made it easier for me."

For a player who's already made his first year in the NFL look easy, that must be a daunting thought for opposing defenses.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 4:30 p.m., August 15

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