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Second Quarter Recap: Eagles Lead 23-3


The Eagles defense was unstoppable and the offense was ready to run during the second quarter as the Eagles left the field with a 23-3 halftime lead in the preseason opener.

Quarterback Matt Barkley began the second quarter by throwing an incomplete pass to Miles Austin at the Colts' 40-yard line. Barkley threw another pass intended for Josh Huff, which was intercepted by Amarlo Herrera at the Colts' 39-yard line. Herrera then ran the ball to the 44-yard line for 3 yards.

When the Colts took back the ball, quarterback Matt Hasselbeck's first pass was incomplete to Vincent Brown. Starting second-and-10 at the 44-yard line, another Hasselbeck pass was incomplete, followed by his third incomplete pass on the run intended for Griff Whalen. The Eagles gained back possession starting at their own 20-yard line after a touchback by Colts punter Pat McAfee.

Kenyon Barner carried straight up the middle for six yards to the 26-yard line. An offensive holding called on Dennis Kelly put the Eagles back followed by an incomplete pass by Barkley intended for Nelson Agholor.

Donnie Jones punted 53 yards to the Colts' 29-yard line where Phillip Dorsett was pushed out of bounds by Eric Rowe at the 34-yard line. Hasselback completed a short left pass to Brown for nine yards followed by another run by Zurlon Tipton for a gain of three yards.

A penalty for unnecessary roughness on the Colts' offense put them back 15 yards. Tipton gained no yards after attempting to go up the middle when he was taken down by Marcus Smith. Hasselbeck's next pass was a short right to Tipton, once again, with a gain of 14 yards.

A pass intended for Agholor was incomplete followed by another penalty on the Colts. The Eagles went 1-for-3 on third down and Raheem Mostert gained 8 yards on the carry.

The Eagles went first-and-10 on the 21-yard line and Mostert gained a total of 7 yards on the plays. There was a penalty against Philadelphia on the play. Following the penalty, Kenjon Barner lost 4 yards when he was taken down by Henoc Muamba.

A short left pass by Barkley intended for Trey Burton was incomplete. But, Barkley made up for his last incomplete pass with a complete short left pass to Jeff Maehl to the 15-yard line and a run by Barner up the middle for three more yards.

Diaheem Watkins stopped Tipton on the next play for a gain of only one yard immediately following the Colts' gaining possession of the ball. In just two plays, the Colts gained 16 yards but were pushed back 5 yards after a false start penalty was called.

A short pass right to Tipton was fumbled and recovered by the Colts' but there was a loss of eight yards on the play. The incomplete pass made it fourth-and-12 at the 20-yard line.

The Eagles took the ball back and Barkley made a complete pass to Rasheed Bailey for five yards. A 19-yard pass to Eric Tomlinson by Barkley landed the Eagles on the Philadelphia 46-yard line.

Going first-and-10 at the Indianapolis 39-yard line, Barkley completed a pass to Agholor for 15 yards. A few good runs by the Eagles offense werefollowed by an incomplete pass by Barkley leaving them with no choice but to go for the field goal. Cody Parkey kicked a 40-yard field goal which made the score 16-3 with 01:16 left.

After a quick three-and-out by the Colts offense, the Eagles special teams announced their presence with authority. Barner caught McAfee's punt at the Eagles ' 8-yard-line, spun away from a tackle and then sprinted down the right sideline with a bevy of blockers for a dynamic 92-yard punt return touchdown.

The Eagles went into the locker room leading the Colts, 23-3, at halftime.


*Matt Barkley – 10-of-17 for 148 yards
Matt Hasselbeck – 8-of-17 for 72 yards


Zurlon Tipton – 16 carriers for 34 yards
Kenjon Barner – Six carries for 29 yards and a touchdown

Ryan Mathews – Two carries for 18 yards


Nelson Agholor – Three catches for 57 yards and a touchdown

Phillip Dorsett – Four catches for 51 yards

Jordan Matthews – Two catches for 44 yards

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