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Rookie Report: How Is Draft Class Faring?

It has taken the 2010 Eagles draft class very little time to gain notice. The 13 players have not backed down. Far from it. In fact, they have been aggressive, productive and have shown great improvement through the first half of this training camp. It is clear that the Eagles have a chance to get some major playing time out of this group. Here is a peek at the draft group, one that has some special qualities to it already ...


He is the second-string left end, and has seen some time at first-team nickel as a tackle. Graham has been everything the Eagles hoped he would be. He explodes off the football, plays low, has a lot of moves and is a relentless worker. No doubt, he loves the game.

Rarely do defensive ends come in and flash so often in training camp. Graham has a chance to be a special player. Everyone who sees him says so. As Graham gains more and more experience, he could be dominating. Graham is super, super impressive in every way and his ceiling is way high. It would not be shocking to see him on the field early this season.

Graham is making strides in practice and the coaches can't wait to see him in game action.


Thrust into the role as the starting free safety before training camp started, Allen has taken every rep with the first team and has improved steadily. He is an intelligent young man with the requisite athletic skills to make plays. Allen has proven to be a physical player in this camp and a good tackler.

To get a real feel for him, the Eagles need to see Allen react against other offenses and new situations. They have to see him check and make changes within the defense and communicate those changes. They need to see him cover deep against a speed receiver.

So far, so good for Allen. He has the tools. He just needs the experience.


Tremendous effort, excellent use of his hands and great feet are Te-o'Nesheim's trademarks. He is a dogged competitor and a nasty player. He is what they call an "effort" player in the business, and that kind of player is generally very productive.

At times it appears that Te-o'Nesheim gets swallowed up by big linemen, but he has power and works so hard that he is able to penetrate. The Eagles can use him at end and at tackle and expect him to make some plays.

Again, though, the telling time will come in game action. If you see Te-o'Nesheim playing in the fourth quarter of preseason games, you can expect to see him making a ton of plays. He is going to see a lot of action in the preseason. You are going to like watching him play.



With Macho Harris (hamstring) sidelined, Lindley has taken more reps and has responded. He is a strong player in bump-and-run coverage and he has good instincts and makes good breaks on the ball. The speed appears to be there to catch up and close, too.

Lindley drives well on the ball and is a capable tackler. But let's see him in the preseason and then against some star-studded receiver corps early in the year. Lindley is behind Ellis Hobbs at right cornerback at the moment -- Hobbs is having a good camp -- but the rookie is going to push for playing time.



Clayton shows really good skills in coverage and he looks to hit anything that moves. Not quite sure whether he is better suited to SAM or WILL given his weight and build. We'll see what the Eagles do with Clayton in the preseason. His play on special teams will be critical to his chances of making the team.

The Eagles have a logjam of players at linebacker. They are going to have some tough decisions, and Clayton will be one of those tough choices. The preseason games must be his time to shine.


What a camp he has enjoyed! Kafka looks so poised and so confident in the pocket. He knows where to go with the football. Any concerns about his arm strength have vanished as he has led one drive after another in practice. Here is a young quarterback the Eagles are going to enjoy grooming. He is intelligent, he has a lot of leadership and his moxie is very obvious.

Kafka isn't going to take off and run too much, but he has the wheels to work the pocket and buy time.


One of the true eye-opening players of camp, Harbor has made play after play, day after day. He catches the ball so well, gets down the field, has the tools of a fine receiving tight end.

Harbor needs to work on his blocking, as do all tight ends. He is a willing blocker who is working hard on his technique. I'm sure the Eagles will challenge his blocking skills in the preseason games. Already there is a level of trust in moving Harbor around the formation and seeing him get out in the passing game.



A tweener in size, Sapp is settling in at defensive end. It is going to be difficult making this roster, but Sapp is definitely making strides in training camp off the edge. He is very fast off the ball and he has good closing speed.

At the same time, Sapp has some good talent in front of him on the depth chart. How many ends can the Eagles keep? Sapp's speed and his ability to chase down the ball will help him, as will some big plays in preseason games.



Cooper has been a sensation at training camp with his play. He is a better athlete than expected and he runs nice routes, catches everything and is very strong. Cooper is in a great battle with Hank Baskett and Kelley Washington for the Nos. 4 and 5 wide receiver spots.

Special teams could spell the difference and both Baskett and Washington have been outstanding in that phase of the game in the NFL. We'll see about Cooper, a tremendous special teams player at Florida.

This kid is a real talent. Could be a major talent. He started fast and has shown no signs of slowing down. He has been a force in practice.



It appears that Eldra Buckley has moved back in front of Scott on the depth chart at halfback. Scott has taken some reps at fullback, too. He wasn't able to convert on a couple of short-yardage runs in Wednesday's practice, but he will get more chances. Scott is a big body with good athletic ability, but he has to beat out Buckley to earn a job, and Buckley is a good special teams player.

Scott entered camp with the role of third halfback. Buckley has taken more reps in practice, though.



Here is somebody to watch in the preseason. Chaney has speed and instincts and is a really strong tackler. The No. 3 middle linebacker at the moment, Chaney impressed enough to allow the Eagles to trade Joe Mays to Denver last week.

Can he make the team? Absolutely. Again, though, it is a crowded field at linebacker. Chaney has to make every play in the preseason and he has to stand out on special teams. He looks like he can cover and he looks like a hitter. We will see how his camp translates into the game action.



Owens is a powerful tackle with great leg drive and push. He is a hustler who wants very badly to earn a spot here. The Eagles have some numbers, however, and it won't be easy for Owens to make it. Trevor Laws has been outstanding in camp and Antonio Dixon is a very good prospect who is having a strong camp.

Owens is a player, though. It shall be interesting to see how he plays in the preseason games.



Coleman is a good candidate to win a job as a reserve safety, but there is competition. The Eagles have some numbers there. Coleman comes off as a physical kid who is around the ball a lot. He gets to the football. He plays bigger than his size. He has some speed.

Let's watch what he does in the games. Coleman has that big-play knack that you like, and it wouldn't be a surprise to see the Eagles use him as a blitzer in the preseason games to see his timing.

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