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Red-Zone Struggles Cost Eagles Again

If you're looking for an explanation as to how the Eagles have fallen under .500 with two consecutive ugly losses, look no further than the two 20-yard patches on either end of the field in front of the goal line. Over the last two games, the Eagles have converted touchdowns on only six of 10 trips into the red zone, while the opposition has cashed in all six of their red-zone opportunities.

On Sunday, the Eagles were an anemic 1-for-5 in the red zone on offense, and twice failed to score with first downs inside the 3-yard-line.

The back-breaker Sunday came late in the third quarter when an 11-yard Jason Avant reception brought the Eagles down to the 2-yard-line. On first down, fullback Owen Schmitt was stuffed for a 1-yard gain. A Michael Vick keeper was then stuffed but called back for offsides on the defense. The Eagles went back to the well on the next play, and it looked like Vick may have gotten the nose of the ball over the goal line, but it was not ruled as such. Then, on third down, Schmitt got another carry and was met in the backfield, never having a chance to sniff the goal line.

An opportunity to take a six-point lead was squandered and the Eagles settled for a chip shot Alex Henery field goal to give them their last points of the game.

"We have to score," said Schmitt. "It's plain and simple. It's not even a question. If anyone watched the game, you have to score when you're down there. You can't win ball games if you don't score. Three points are always nice, but it's not like seven."

Second guessers will point to LeSean McCoy, who ran for 128 yards on 25 carries, not receiving a touch when the team needed to find the end zone. For his part, the star running back will do what is asked of him.

"I kind of thought I would get it because I was getting hot in the last three games," McCoy said following the game. "But, I am confident in the call. If it would have worked out, the outcome might have been different."

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