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First, though, just to update you ... not much to update. The Eagles met with unrestricted free agent Demetrius Bell over the weekend. He left Philadelphia without a contract as he mulls his next step. The word on the streets is that Bell is looking for multiple years on his contract at a strong dollar amount, so it's all a negotiating game now.

Meanwhile, there is a lot to talk about with this football team. Let's discuss ...

  • The Eagles are certainly performing their due diligence at the quarterback position, and I don't think anybody will be surprised if the team uses a high draft pick at the position. A couple of things with that: If they do use a draft pick at quarterback, they certainly have a chance now to improve their depth and eliminate some needs through free agency. Left tackle is an obvious need, of course, but the Eagles also could use some depth at running back, fullback, defensive tackle, linebacker and safety. I haven't even gotten into the idea of improving the kickoff return job ...
  • Yes, I would be stunned if the Eagles traded into the top 10 and drafted a quarterback on April 26. That isn't to say it won't happen. The Eagles are usually a "stun" team at some point in the draft.
  • There is absolutely no doubt that at some point in time, before the opening kickoff of the 2012 regular season, the Eagles and running back LeSean McCoy will come together for a long-term contract extension. I know it is a hot-plate conversation right now, but there is no concern from this perspective. It will get done. The Eagles don't let, as we have seen countless times in the last 15-17 years, good, young players walk away. They do business the right way. McCoy will be an Eagle for many seasons to come.
  • Speaking of filling in some depth, doesn't it make sense for Derek Landri to seriously consider returning to the Eagles? Or Trevor Laws? If the Eagles add one of those players, I'm not sure they need another defensive tackle, especially if Jim Washburn is high on Antonio Dixon. In fact, how the Eagles feel about Dixon -- who was not in great shape last year before suffering an injury -- could go a long way toward determining how they use that 15th pick overall in the first round on April 26.
  • My starting linebackers right now are Jamar Chaney on the strong side, DeMeco Ryans in the middle and Brian Rolle on the weak side. Expect a lot of competition there, however.
  • I don't know why Mardy Gilyard didn't make it wiith the Rams, but he is going to get a good look here as a 6 feet 1, 190-pound wide receiver/kickoff return man. Gilyard averaged an insane 30.5 yards with two touchdowns in his senior year at Cincinnati.
  • Phase 1 of the NFL's offseason conditioning program is here, which means that players are now permitted to have supervision during their workouts at team facilities. Not for another two weeks can players meet with coaches and watch film together. The Eagles have had plenty of players report for voluntary workouts throughout the offseason. And just to remind you, there is no full-team mini-camp a week or two after the draft, as there has been in the past. There is a rookie camp in mid-May and a full-team mini-camp in mid-June.
  • Want a sleeper, just for fun? How about Brett Brackett, a wide receiver at Penn State who is now getting a chance in the NFL at tight end. He's 6-5, about 250 pounds and he is a super athlete. Just a hunch that he will play well in the preseason. The kid has been at the NovaCare Complex throughout the offseason working his rear end off.
  • The Eagles have, by my unofficial count, 11 offensive linemen on the current roster (including Peters). I'm not sure how many more they are going to add as they work their way to 80 players on the roster. They are 65 players at the moment.
  • Nobody ever mentions safety Tom Nelson or running back Graig Cooper, or, for that matter, center Zane Taylor. Those may be the three most unheralded players on the current roster.
  • Some people think linebacker Keenan Clayton should move to safety, where he played in college. I disagree. Clayton needs to feel comfortable in the scheme and then play with his athletic ability. Moving him to safety means he has to learn the scheme from an entirely different position and that is going to slow him down too much. Clayton is in a battle for a roster spot and then some.
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