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It is a topic of much conversation. When the Eagles lose, generally, the media ask head coach Andy Reid about McCoy's touches and wonder why the offense doesn't force feed him the football. If you listened to the line of question, you would think McCoy's touches were dramatically lower than the top-tiered running backs in the NFL.

That isn't the case, however. McCoy has 215 carries and 257 combined touches (runs and receptions). He ranks fifth in the NFL in carries, 35 behind the leader, Jacksonville's Maurice Jones-Drew (an average of 3 fewer carries per game) and McCoy ranks third in the NFL in total touches.

The disparity is anything but extraordinary, and the fact is that McCoy gets his touches. Plenty of them. If you want to argue when McCoy gets his touches and where on the field he gets his touches, that is a different argument.

But simply asking Andy Reid, "Why didn't you give the ball more to LeSean McCoy?" is really a dumb question. He is second in the NFL in rushing yards and he is fed the football as much as any back in the league.

How many times McCoy carries the football isn't an issue when talking about the inconsistency of the Eagles' offense. The inefficiency in the red zone and the league-leading number of turnovers (29) are the issues. Those are the main reasons the Eagles haven't scored as many points as they have in past seasons, as many points as this offense is capable of scoring. Moaning about McCoy's carries just doesn't carry water here ...

  • Certainly, though, the offense has relied so much on the passing game and when the passing game isn't effective, the offense stumbles. That's the way it is in the NFL, but it's fair to wonder if the offense has adjusted well enough when the passing game isn't in sync. McCoy rarely gets a series of carries unless the Eagles have a lead. He could probably get a few more touches in the red zone.
  • Looking for the Eagles to really, really challenge Miami's offense on Sunday. The defense was pushed around in Seattle. The Seahawks won the line of scrimmage, and the tackling behind the front four was poor. The Eagles must be more physical across the board and they must play more downhill football. Miami is going to try to get Reggie Bush on the edges and give the ball inside to Daniel Thomas in the running game and quarterback Matt Moore will look for wide receiver Brandon Marshall quickly and let him try to break tackles.
  • If the draft were held today the Eagles would have the sixth pick overall? That's sobering reality.
  • I don't remember when the NFC East has had such a collective down season. Dallas is clearly in the lead position, but the Cowboys have their woes and have not played well this year. Two games against the Giants and one home against the Eagles will be telling for the Cowboys.
  • My good buddy Bob Ford of the Philadelphia Inquirer suggests that the Eagles should sign quarterback Donovan McNabb as a backup. I think Ford is kidding, or else he was just struggling for a story idea and needed to fill space. Nobody could seriously think McNabb would fit back in Philadelphia. Speaking of McNabb, what a strange play he made -- he asked to be released, perhaps expecting teams to reach out and add him down the stretch. So far, he hasn't gotten any offers. Is this the end for Donovan?
  • I have read enough to know that newly signed safety Tom Nelson has some game, and that if he shows enough in the final month he will have a chance to make the Eagles roster in 2012. Nelson has big shoes to fill if the Eagles intend to use him as a gunner on special teams. Colt Anderson is a standout. My sense is that Brandon Hughes and Joselio Hanson are first in line as gunners.
  • I wouldn't mind seeing Curtis Marsh get some snaps. I'd like to see if he is physical against the run game. The Eagles must be more physical on the edges against the running game.
  • The approach this week is that the season is alive and that the Eagles are in must-win mode. Let's see if the Eagles have urgency in Miami, where thousands of Eagles fans will give the game a home feeling. Not that a home feeling is an instant recipe for success. The Eagles are 1-8 in their last nine games at Lincoln Financial Field.
  • If I'm DeSean Jackson, I'm probably going to stay away from reporters as much as possible the rest of the season. He is in a no-win situation there. Just stay quiet and play great football.
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