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QBs On The Move; But Not In Philly

Here is an interesting note from *The Sporting News' *Dennis Dillon: Fifteen teams, nearly half the league, have made changes of one sort or another at quarterback.

There has been much speculation that moves by the Browns and Seahawks to acquire quarterbacks have eliminated those teams as potential suitors for any of Philadelphia's three quarterbacks.

However, Clifton Brown of The Sporting News believes the Eagles will trade one of their quarterbacks. And he believes it will likely be Michael Vick.

In citing his four moves that could shake up the NFL off-season, Brown analyzes why it could happen: "Having Vick as a No. 3 quarterback is a luxury, not a need. I still do not believe Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb, and Michael Vick all will be with the Eagles by Week 1.

"Moving Vick is the most likely scenario. Somebody will offer something for Vick that the Eagles have to think hard about, either before the draft, during the draft, or during July and August when injuries start to occur.

"Kolb is the Eagles' quarterback of the future and is probably the least likely to be moved. Next season could be McNabb's last with the Eagles. But only an overwhelming offer would make the Eagles trade McNabb before he gets a final chance to win a Super Bowl. Vick is the quarterback the Eagles should trade."

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 5:05 p.m., March 22

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