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Page: One Game Can Change Everything

Veteran safety Jarrad Page has endured the highs and lows of the NFL regular season before. He started every game for a two-win Chiefs team in 2008. Last season, Page was a role player for the team with the NFL's best record in the New England Patriots.

Page knows a good team when he sees one. He believes that this Eagles team, despite its 1-3 start, is indeed a "really good" one. What the Eagles need, Page said, is a model - one game where things go right that this team can use as a foundation, a springboard moving ahead. And that one game could come this Sunday in Buffalo.

"It's just going to take one game, one situation where we go out there and handle our business, just to show everybody and ourselves this is how we're supposed to do it and this is the model that we've got to continue to follow," Page said. "We feel like we see our team out there clicking and we know what we can be. We have to set the example for ourselves as far as going out there and playing the game and have something to look at and show ourselves."

Echoing the remarks from head coach Andy Reid, Page said that the issues that have contributed to the team's three-game losing skid aren't centered around one aspect of the team.

"We seem to, as a team, be either clicking at the same time or be all not clicking at the same time," Page said.

With the season just four games old, there is still time to "turn this thing around," Page said. The important thing is that the players all believe that.

"We do. That's one thing that we still have. I know a lot of times a team might go through a rough patch and you get a lot of people saying this and saying that," Page said. "We have to continue to work hard in practice, don't get discouraged. Continue to work just as hard as you've been working. Don't take anything off.

"Don't think that things aren't working because you're working so hard and not getting results. Continue to work hard and really one game can change everything. All it takes is for us to go out and do it. We've done so much talking. It's not about that. It's not about working hard. We work hard. We work our butts off here every day."

The Eagles are back on the road this Sunday to face a Bills team that averages 33.3 points per game and is off to a fast 3-1 start. What better time that this Sunday to provide the model, the blueprint, to help get this season back on track.

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