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OT Jason Fox Scouting Report

OT Jason Fox, Miami (Fl.)
Pos. Rank: 9 Grade: 4th Round Height: 6-7 Weight: 303 40: 5.25 Year: 4-Sr.

The Good: Tough, fundamentally sound blocker and one of the more underrated offensive tackles in this draft. Terrific position blocker, keeps his feet moving, and anchors at the point, sealing defenders from the action. Explosive, quickly gets his hands into defenders, and correctly places them to keep opponents away. Better-than-average footwork sliding out in pass protection and easily rides defenders from their angle of attack.

The Bad: Not an overpowering blocker or a lineman who consistently finishes blocks. Ineffective blocking in motion.

The Verdict: Fox offers a solid combination of football instincts and mechanics to get the job done. He's not the greatest of athletes, yet he has an understanding for the position, which will help him eventually develop into a productive player at the next level.

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