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One Notable Preseason Takeaway


There's ample reason not to read too much into preseason results.

To quote defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, "Let me know when the preseason is a tiebreaker for the playoffs, and we'll worry about what our stats are in the preseason."

And Schwartz is right for good reason. In the preseason, the starters scarcely play beyond the opening few drives with the reserves exploiting the extra playing time to grapple away for the final remaining roster spots. The Eagles were just solid this preseason in comparison to last year's perfect 4-0 start heading into the regular season. After Thursday's loss to the Jets, the Eagles dropped their preseason record to 2-2. However, history foretells that when the Eagles finish a preseason with just two wins or fewer a playoff appearance is imminent.

Preseason Results
Year Preseason Regular Season
2016 4-0 7-9
2015 3-1 7-9
2014 2-2 10-6
2013 2-2 10-6 (Wild Card Playoffs)
2012 4-0 4-12
2011 3-1 8-8
2010 2-2 10-6 (Wild Card Playoffs)
2009 1-3 11-5 (Wild Card Playoffs)
2008 2-2 9-7 (Conference Championship)
2007 1-3 8-8
2006 2-3 10-6 (Division Playoffs)
2005 2-2 6-10
2004 1-3 13-3 (Super Bowl)
2003 2-2 12-4 (Conference Championship)
2002 1-3 12-4 (Conference Championship)
2001 1-2 11-5 (Conference Championship)
2000 1-3 11-5 (Divisional Playoffs)

The last five times the Eagles finished with just two preseason wins the Eagles either won 10 regular-season games or made the playoffs.

Ten out of last 13 times the Eagles made the playoffs with two preseason wins or fewer.

The four times the Eagles finished the preseason with three wins or more the team missed the playoffs and put up a 26-38 overall record during those seasons.

Nine out of the last 12 times the Eagles ended the preseason with a loss the Eagles made the playoffs.

It's never pragmatic to glance far into the preseason but Eagles fans should know a 2-2 preseason isn't necessarily an unwelcomed feat.

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