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OLB Eric Norwood Scouting Report

OLB Eric Norwood, South Carolina
Pos. Rank: 7 Grade: 3rd Round Height: 6-0 1/2 Weight: 245 40: 4.71 Year: 4-Sr.

The Good: Disruptive college defender who can only play in certain systems at the next level. Plays with good lean, pad level, and forceful up the field. Fast off the edge out of a three-point stance, quickly changes direction and shows ability in pursuit. Shows good awareness on the field, pursues the action with speed, and fast to the sidelines. Easily redirects to ball handlers then wraps up tackling. Gets depth on pass drops.

The Bad: Slow shedding blocks and controlled by a single opponent. Not a strong tackler. Struggles in coverage and trails opponents too much rather than making plays on the ball.

The Verdict: Norwood has been a pass-rushing terror for South Carolina, and he is a defender who made a large number plays behind the line of scrimmage the past four seasons. He has size limitations and has not shown ability in coverage. Norwood is best suited as a rush linebacker in a 3-4 alignment who occasionally puts his hand on the ground and comes out of a three-point stance on passing downs.

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