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Off The Beat: Jerseys? Sure!

Three hundred and six days.

That's how long it's been since the Eagles wore white jerseys in a non-preseason game. I can't ever remember a streak that long. To put it into context, the time between Carson Wentz's season-ending knee injury and his return to action against the Colts was 294 days.

Before every Eagles game, home and away, I walk into the Eagles' locker room to take some photos of the jerseys on display to share with the fans on social media. During each of the six games this season, I've walked in thinking, "Maybe today is the day for white jerseys," only to once again see midnight green in every locker.

And there's good reasoning for why it's been all green to this point. Of course, the Eagles typically wear green at home, with an exception being warmer games played in September. The Eagles' three home games to this point have been a prime-time game with the Falcons, a rainy affair with the Colts, and a mild 4:25 p.m. game against Minnesota. There were no real opportunities to wear white there.

On the road, the Eagles have played in Tampa Bay, Nashville, and New York. Back in Week 2 against Tampa, the Buccaneers decided to wear white at home, a fairly common move by teams wanting to wear light colors to stay cool in the Florida heat. In Nashville, the game-time temperature was 80 degrees, and the Titans chose to wear white. Then in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the Giants wore their all-white throwback alternates, so the Eagles once again sported midnight green.

Upon researching the Eagles' uniform trends, I was surprised to find that the Eagles have worn their standard road uniforms (white jerseys, green pants) just once since January 1, 2017. White-on-green was the uniform combo for Nick Foles' first start of 2017, when the Eagles defeated the Giants 34-29.

In my last Off the Beat column, I wrote about an Eagles fashion trend, namely what kind of headwear Doug Pederson sported during games and how they correlated with success. Right on cue, the Eagles snapped an undefeated streak the very next game. Still, I will not be deterred. I will use this column to examine how the Eagles have fared in each of their different uniform combos since Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz came to town.

Here's a look:

Eagles Giants Football

Green Jerseys, White Pants

21 regular-season games, three playoff games

18-6 overall record

3-0 in playoffs

13-3 at home


Black Jerseys, Black Pants

4-1 overall record

All five games played at home, with the only loss being to Green Bay in 2016 on Monday Night Football.


White Jerseys, White Pants

2-2 overall record*

*One game was an all-white Color Rush win against Carolina last season.


White Jerseys, Green Pants

2-6 overall record

The Eagles' 13-3 record at home in midnight green goes to show just how dominant they've been at home since the start of 2016, since that's the uniform combo they wear most often at Lincoln Financial Field. It's also interesting that the team has seemingly tried to steer away from green pants as of late, with the team having won just two of eight games while wearing them in the last two-plus seasons.

But I think the real question is when will the Eagles finally break the current green jersey streak? It's probably safe to assume the team will wear green this Sunday against Carolina, with no warm weather in the forecast (plus the Panthers have already announced they'll be wearing white jerseys with black pants). That would make the next logical guess the Eagles' matchup with the Jaguars in London. The Jaguars started playing once a year in London back in 2013, and they've worn their home black uniforms every time. With all that in mind, the odds are fairly strong the Eagles will sport their white jerseys in their eighth game of the season, going nearly half of the season in the same look.

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