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Nick Sirianni: Fresh start offers exciting opportunities ahead 

Philadelphia Eagles head football coach Nick Sirianni, center, talks with reporters during an NFC coaches availability at the NFL owners meetings, Tuesday, March 26, 2024, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)
Philadelphia Eagles head football coach Nick Sirianni, center, talks with reporters during an NFC coaches availability at the NFL owners meetings, Tuesday, March 26, 2024, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

ORLANDO, Fla. – New season, new team, new beginnings for Head Coach Nick Sirianni and his Philadelphia Eagles. Sirianni is juiced, and after speaking with reporters for 30 minutes on Tuesday at the NFL Annual Meeting in the NFC's Coaches Breakfast, he talked about what is ahead.

Day by day, building. Growing. Coming together. Every facet of this football team.

"We have been watching everything that's happened on tape for the last three years. That's what we've been doing these last few months and from that, there is a fresh start," Sirianni said. "We're all 0-0. We're all starting at the bottom of the mountain and trying to climb that mountain."

The climb is that much more enjoyable when you acquire a player like running back Saquon Barkley, about whom the Eagles have been effusive in their praise. He is a player capable of changing a game, elevating an offense, and challenging coaches – in the most positive of ways – to work into the scheme.

This is gonna be fun.

"Any time you get really good players, it's always exciting," Sirianni said. "I always say this: The secret to good coaching is get good players and we got a really good player. We're figuring the different ways we can use him. That doesn't necessarily mean that every way he's been used in the past is how we're going to use him. There might be some things that are untapped. There might be some things that we've never done that we can do now. Might be things that he's never done.

"That unknown gives us a lot of options and ways to incorporate Saquon, because he has that kind of skill set. There are a lot of things that can happen as we put this all together."

Step one for the team when they report to the NovaCare Complex on April 15 to begin the offseason program is to connect. Sirianni's core values aren't changing. The day-to-day flow might be "tweaked a little bit," said Sirianni, but the core values remain.

New team. New start.

"Your culture has to be reintroduced, redefined, and redemanded each and every offseason and it can't just be something that you do one time. It has to be a habit, the way you live," Sirianni said. "You always look forward to that. It's got to be at the forefront all the time.

"Culture is what makes you a good football team. We have some new pieces and we need to bring them into the way we do things. I'm really looking forward to getting everyone together, but before that we have our work to do."

Some other topics Sirianni touched on at the breakfast:

  1. On working with new Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore: "We'll mesh things together. We'll have some good things we've done here in the past and he's going to bring some new elements to it. There are a lot of similarities within it, too. Kellen is doing a good job of leading the offense."
  1. On the right guard position and offensive line as it stands now: "Excited about the pieces, with (Matt) Hennessy that we added. There is free agency, then there's the draft, then there's after the draft, then there's the first couple of weeks of the season, then there's the trade deadline ... I know this: Howie (Roseman) constantly works to improve this football team. That's an unbelievable thing as a coach when your general manager and the front office is just willing to do anything to get the team better at all times. It's a long way away to being a finished product for the offensive line. As we sit right now, I like our guys (offensive line). We'll see who that is at center. We'll see who that is at right guard."
  1. On second-year OL Tyler Steen: "We're excited about him. Coach Stout (Jeff Stoutland) is going to get the best out of these guys and Tyler is going to benefit from that coaching. Tyler is also going to benefit because he's a really good player. Excited about his development. I think that is a great option."
  1. On guard/center Cam Jurgens being the presumptive favorite to replace Jason Kelce at center and making line calls: "We've got a long time before I have to make that decision. If it is Cam, he's got a ton of reps doing that. Jason didn't take every snap at center last year in practice. We're really confident that he can do it, but we'll see what happens."
  1. On the mentality of the Philadelphia Eagles: "We want to be the toughest team at all times. There have been stretches where we've been that in these past three years. We want to make sure that that's who we are. That's how we're built on the offensive and defensive lines."
  1. On new QB Kenny Pickett: "I'm really excited about the things that he can do. I'm excited that we have a piece in place there. His job is to be the backup. His job is to support Jalen (Hurts) and help him in any way that he can and be ready to play if he needs to play."
  1. On new WR DeVante Parker: "DeVante gives another guy who can win on the outside. He's proven that he's a really good player on the outside that has had a lot of production that can win one-on-one on the outside. That's really important to have."
  1. On new WR Parris Campbell: "Parris brings an element of speed. Parris is really fast. He's a guy that works extremely hard and that wants to be great."

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