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Nick Foles Is 'Capable Of Being A Great Quarterback In This League'


With Carson Wentz officially on the Injured Reserve, Nick Foles slides in as the No. 1 quarterback on the team's depth chart. Unsurprisingly, the consensus inside the Eagles' locker remains that the players have the utmost confidence in him.

Foles is just three years removed from his last start in Philadelphia (a 31-21 win over the Texans on November 2, 2014) and still has chemistry with his former teammates while developing it in practice with his new ones.

Check out what the players on offense had to say about Foles.

Center Jason Kelce

"Everybody acts like Nick Foles hasn't been a great quarterback in this league before. He's got a set of cleats or something like that in the Hall of Fame for throwing the most touchdowns in a single game. He's been pretty darn good in Philadelphia before. As long as the offensive line protects for him, as long as the receivers catch the ball, as long as the running backs keep the game balanced and we can support him I think he's capable of being a great quarterback in this league.

"It may be eye-opening to people to other people who aren't in our world or aren't in our business but without question what happened in the game (on Sunday in Los Angeles) everybody was confident Nick was going to go in there and do a good job."

Tight end Brent Celek

"Carson up until this point has been the MVP of the NFL. I think our fans have seen that. I think we see it as players. I think it's tough as a team but, if anything, we're set up better than any other team to be able to handle it in having Nick Foles. I think that's what's most exciting for us. Listen, we're upset about Carson, we're upset for him, but we've got to just step it up another notch and Nick's got to step in and play like Nick knows how."

Wide receiver Alshon Jeffery

"Nick throws it a lot higher whereas Carson likes it when the ball is floating a lot more, but other than that I don't think it's an adjustment. It's still the same.

"On any other team he'd be starting I'm pretty sure. He's a veteran quarterback in the league for six years. He knows what's going on. It's just us being aggressive to him and just repetition more in practice."

Tight end Zach Ertz

"It's definitely not the easiest thing switching quarterbacks but I think there's a lot of familiarity with Nick. The coaches understand what Nick does well. Obviously (head coach) Doug's (Pederson) been with him for a long time. The whole season he's been playing well even on the scout team per se.

"With Nick, he throws such an easy ball to catch that there's not a real adjustment period in terms of catching the balls. Some quarterbacks throw a tough ball to catch but Nick's balls are really easy to catch."

Right tackle Lane Johnson

"When it comes to practice, not unfamiliar but (Nick)'s taking more reps trying to get all the plays in and just kind of get the chemistry with the receivers. You see them talking a lot, communicating and that's with the O-line as far as the cadence and stuff like that. It's probably a lot more communication with us.

"We know what kind of arm strength he has. He can make all the throws. It's just a matter of keeping him comfortable back there. He may not extend the play as much as Carson but he has proven to run outside the pocket and make some throws and do some stuff with his feet as well, so not too much of a change, to be honest with you."

Wide receiver Torrey Smith

"We're not looking at someone who hasn't had the opportunity to play at a high level. You're not looking at a guy like this is his first rodeo. Even with Nate (Sudfeld) as a backup, there's a reason why he was on the active roster. Someone else wanted to get him and we've been able to see what he can do in practice and I'd be comfortable with him as well. So for us, I think we're lucky that they kind of stockpiled a couple of good quarterbacks and no matter what happens we'll be fine rolling with those two going forward."

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