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As we count down the days and hours until the opening of training camp ... nothing new on the Jeremy Maclin front. Maclin, the team's only unsigned draft pick, is scheduled to report to Lehigh University on July 26 for a 7 p.m. meeting. I still think the Eagles will get Maclin signed, sealed and delivered in time for that meeting and that he will be on the practice field the next morning.

The Eagles have a strong history of having their draft picks in on time, and I think this year will follow the general model. So, no worries there.

Brian Westbrook? You probably won't hear anything official on his recovery until Andy Reid addresses the media on July 26 (live on, but I expect very positive words to come from Reid. Again, I put my trust in head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder, who understands how Westbrook ticks and what needs to be done to get Westbrook's ankle right and ready to go for September 13 in Carolina. Until I know otherwise, I'm going with the idea that Westbrook is coming along well.

My experience tells me that if the Eagles felt Westbrook was not progressing, they would have made a move to sign one of the several "name" free agent running backs on the streets. As it stands now, no move is planned as I know it.

Nothing to report on Jim Johnson, either. He remains on an indefinite leave of absence. I'm sure Reid will address this situation in his State of Training Camp press conference on the 26th. Sean McDermott is the man for now.

The NFL's Supplemental Draft is held at 1 p.m. today. Kentucky defensive end Jeremy Jarmon is going to be selected. Teams have heavy interest. No clue on whether the Eagles will make a move in his direction, but we'll talk about what happens a bit later in the day.

All of this coolish weather in Philadelphia after an incredibly rainy spring ... what does that mean for training camp? Don't you love hot, steaming days that really test the conditioning and endurance of the players? It could be that the ground is so cool that a 90-degree day won't happen at Lehigh.

Speaking of Maclin, where is he on the depth chart? The Eagles won't release an official one until just before the preseason opener, but Maclin is probably somewhere in the range of fifth or sixth on the depth chart, right there with Hank Baskett. DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis, Jason Avant and Reggie Brown are definitely ahead of Maclin. Baskett probably is, too, at least at this point.

I think Brown make the team. I know I keep saying it, but he is one of the players I can't wait to see in camp. If he is as good there as he was in the spring, the receiving corps will have unprecedented depth.

Finding the right combination along the offensive line in reserve roles is going to be an important part of this camp. The Eagles have a gaggle of late-round draft picks from the last two Aprils ready to go. Is a player like Mike Gibson ready to make a move? He and Mike McGlynn were around last year, and McGlynn had a taste on the field in 2008, so they have a leg up. Someone has to emerge along with Max Jean-Gilles and Nick Cole. Winston Justice?

Any chance the Eagles go with only two tight ends? I'm looking around this roster and I'm having a hard time keeping the number down to 53 players. Six receivers, five cornerbacks, four safeties, 10 defensive linemen ... where can the Eagles trim their numbers?

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