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News, Notes And A Season Ahead!

The Eagles announced their plans for training camp at both the NovaCare Complex and Lincoln Financial Field on Tuesday involving both a public and private component. There is tremendous excitement surrounding a football team that is learning about itself every day, and so the scene at Lincoln Financial Field for the five open-to-the-public practices should be electric.

Bring your "A" game, fans.

What you will see is a practice that is extremely efficient, that features high tempo action and that is carefully planned. There is no wasted motion, and a lot of expended energy.

Along with the public component is the element of the practices at the NovaCare Complex. Select season-ticket holders will be invited to take in the practices and enjoy the energy of the afternoon. Anyone who attends will understand exactly how Chip Kelly wants his team to play -- fast, physical and intelligent football.

The joint practices against New England on August 6-7 will provide the first glimpse of Kelly's Eagles against another team, just prior to the August preseason opener against the Patriots.

So, you have the summer plans. The tickets to the practices at Lincoln Financial Field are free and it's going to be a fantastic environment. It's all new. It's all different. It's all going to be fun.

And it's going to be your chance to see the Eagles in the stadium, if you've never had an opportunity to go. It's going to be an event, a party, and a great family opportunity as training camp's picture comes into focus and you can plan your summer travel to Philadelphia.


Excused absences for defensive lineman Isaac Sopoaga (death in his family) and rookie draft picks Zach Ertz and Brandon Poyer are the lone exceptions to perfect attendance for the Eagles as they open minicamp. This is a very important three days of work for the players and coaches to get everybody on the same page for the final time before training camp begins.

As for the depth chart, my hunch is that you're not going to learn a whole lot, and that head coach Chip Kelly isn't going to divulge much of his plan to arrange his depth chart. The coaches are very much in "evaluation" mode and that isn't going to change through much of training camp.

The Eagles aren't required to release an official depth chart until a few days before the preseason opener. Even then, it's subject to so much change in the month between the preseason opener and the regular season opener at the Redskins.

I'm looking for crisp execution and minimal mental mistakes from this camp. I won't put much stock in who is planning with the starters and who is running reps as a backup because I think Kelly will mix and match his players as he has all along.

The music? I don't hear it any longer and that's part of Kelly's objective. The players need to block out noise and focus on their assignments, so having music at practice every day establishes that challenge.


Camp ends on Thursday and then the veterans are gone until training camp opens. The rookies remain for a couple of weeks until their conditioning program ends.

So, really, this is a huge three days to teach, absorb and retain the X's and O's being introduced and those that are in the practice routine.

There is no tackling, and the players aren't wearing full pads. They will have a thorough understanding of the methods and the expectations of the coaching staff once this week is over, if it hasn't already been made very clear.

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