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Morning Roundup: Thanks, New Orleans

Good morning, Eagles fans! The players are off for one more day before hitting the practice field tomorrow ahead of Sunday's game against the Texans. Offensive coordinator Mike Groh and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz will speak with the media at noon and we will carry both live. Here's what you need to know in today's Morning Roundup presented by Microsoft leading off with how last night's game helps the Eagles' playoff chances.

1. How Monday Night Football Affected The Eagles

The Eagles were helped last night in the fight for a Wild Card spot as the New Orleans Saints took down the Carolina Panthers. The Eagles (7-7) are now a game ahead of the Panthers (6-8) which is huge because Carolina holds the tiebreaker. The Eagles no longer need help from the Panthers' opponents as long as they win their final two games. Here are the playoff scenarios as they currently stand.


Eagles win vs. HOU, @ WAS

Eagles will clinch Wild Card berth if ...

Vikings go 1-1 @ DET, vs. CHI


Seahawks go 0-2 vs. KC, vs. ARI

The Eagles should be in good shape if they win their final two games as the Vikings will have to play their final game against an NFC North champion Bears team that, thanks to the Eagles' victory over the Rams, will most likely play their starters to fight for a playoff bye. And don't sleep on the 5-9 Lions who could play spoiler at home.

If the Seahawks lose out, the 9-7 Eagles would edge out the 8-8 Seahawks. No matter what the Vikings, Panthers, or Washington do, the Eagles would make it.

Eagles lose vs. HOU; win @ WAS

Eagles will clinch Wild Card berth if ...

Vikings go 0-2 @DET, vs. CHI

Panthers go 1-1 vs. ATL, @NO

If the Eagles split their final two games, they will need some significant help. The Panthers would have to lose either at home against the 5-9 Falcons or at the Saints in Week 17 who may have the top seed clinched. But the more difficult need would be for the Vikings to lose both of their games at the Lions and at home against the Bears. It's not impossible, but it would be difficult.

If the Eagles lose to Washington in Week 17, they will be eliminated no matter what. Washington would have at least a tied record and hold the tiebreaker. So, even if the Vikings lose out and the Panthers split, Washington would then take the Wild Card.


Eagles will clinch NFC East if ...

Eagles win vs. HOU, @ WAS

Cowboys lose vs. TB, @ NYG

This one is pretty simple. If the Eagles win out and the Cowboys lose out, the Eagles will win the division. If the Eagles split or the Cowboys win just one game, they will take the NFC East.

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