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Mike Mayock: Howie Roseman's Performance Belongs In The General Manager's Hall Of Fame


The end of February signals the start of the NFL Scouting Combine and the beginning of marathon conference calls with NFL Network draft guru and Eagles Network preseason analyst Mike Mayock.

During the 108-minute-long session, Mayock previewed what the Eagles could do with the 32nd pick at the end of the first round which is reserved for the Super Bowl Champions. He started his answer, though, with a tip of the cap to Howie Roseman.

"I think I have to preface it by saying the job that Howie Roseman did the last two years ranks off the general manager's Hall of Fame and what they did with that roster and how they turned it over in a two-year period to win a Super Bowl," Mayock said.

"Then when you look going forward, you realize that every starter, except I think Nigel Bradham, is under contract for this coming year, and they've really positioned themselves pretty darn well. Even to the extent that they've got a corner that they drafted in the second round last year (Sidney Jones) coming off Achilles tear that's ready to step in and play. So I'm just highly impressed with what Howie Roseman and that group have done."

The Eagles currently have six picks in the 2018 NFL Draft and none on Day 2 (Rounds 2 and 3). The team, Mayock says, needs to be open to the option of trading down from No. 32 in order to acquire more draft picks.

"So an ability to move down would be first and foremost in my mind. A lot of teams like to move up to get quarterbacks at the end of the first round to get that extra fifth-year option. So sitting at 32 is prime real estate for a move down. That's first and foremost," he said.

If the Eagles were to stay and pick, Mayock offered a name to watch - offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey out of Notre Dame.

"If you're sitting at 32 and you're going to pick, you want to pick somebody that you think is safe," Mayock said. "I don't think he's going to last that long, but I think you're looking for somebody that you can plug in Year 1 in your system that will contribute somehow."

Roseman will discuss the NFL Draft from Indianapolis on Wednesday at noon which you can watch here on or the app. The on-field drills at the NFL Scouting Combine kick off on Friday at 9 a.m.

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